Monday, April 15, 2013

Marshmallow pops, pretty polkadot sticks and Paper Wings w13

This is what happens when baking disasters happen. From the charred crumbs emerge......

These pretty pink marshmallow pops which were made in about 1 minute.

OK in truth it did take a couple of minutes for the chocolate to melt but I was doing something else in the kitchen so I'm not counting that.

Baking disasters are not unheard of around these parts as I create my own recipes sometimes it takes 3 or 4 or even more goes to get a recipe right.

So a baking disaster spells a blogging disaster and possibly no post. Well normally it would, but as it happens I had just received a bunch of super pretty treat sticks from Polkadot Prints.

Phew blogging disaster averted this week, in no time flat using the treat sticks and stuff I had already in my kitchen* I was able to come up with these pretty pops which are cute enough to serve at a party and simple enough for anyone to make.

* Yup I know most people might not already have sugar flowers and pink swirl marshmallows ready in the cupboard but I did and they are really pretty easy to find at short notice.

So I thinking tutorial not really needed here, more of an inspirational picture collage. Just grab a bunch of marshmallows, melt some chocolate, push pretty treat sticks into the marshmallows using the chocolate as glue, and then glue on some decorations like sugar flowers using the remaining melted chocolate. 

The trickiest bit is trying to insert the sticks in the right spot so the marshallows don't tip over, but that's only a problem if you are going to serve them standing upright. 

 Pink Polkadot Treat Sticks from Polkadot Prints

Paper Wings winter 2013 southern hemisphere (if you're in the northern hemisphere check out the super spring collection, loving the cat swimsuit).

So before I had the blog something the kids loved doing was having photo's taken in new clothes when they turned up. After a super busy year missing out on this I have realised how fast they are growing up and I am making an effort to get more pictures of the kids again.

Anyhoo these clothes were too lovely not to share with everyone, Paper Wings is one of my favorite brands available in Australia, the United States and many other countries.

Bubble wearing Paper Wings - Grey denim bustle jacket; top - bustle tee raspberry/red rapunzel; dark grey/cream rapunzel leggings.

left: top - bustle tee raspberry/red rapunzel; dark grey/cream rapunzel leggings. Right striped leggings black/cream heart.
Boots - Tamara S Black - Betts Kids

Grey denim bustle jacket; top - bustle tee raspberry/red rapunzel; dark grey/cream rapunzel leggings.

Puff Sleeve tee pink/black/cream fairy print; leggings black/cream heart.

Paperwings available online at these stores:
Buckets and Spades
Milly Molly Moo
Raindrops and Roses
Small World Children's boutique
also in Brisbane at Mama's Home.

Everything but the Princess
Little Skye
Little Luna Blue
For a full list of Paper Wings Stockists CLICK HERE

I joined in the fun and added my marshmallow pops at strut your stuff on SIX SISTERS STUFF

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  1. I LOVE this idea - so beautiful and so easy! Plus, I have ALL the supplies on hand so it's a win win for me!!

  2. Oooo! they are simply wonderful treats! :) and those clothes are pretty snazzy too :>D

  3. These are so pretty and sweet! I don't have all of the supplies on hand, but thanks to your inspiration, I will shortly ;)

    Brenda @ sweetsimplestuff

  4. I love this idea. What a fancy way of to dress a marshmallow. The clothes are very cute too. I love the jean coat with the tail.. They do grow so fast : )

  5. These are gorgeous! I know my little girl would go crazy with these. Gotta go get those polkadot sticks.

  6. Those marshmallows look delicious! But they look so cool I wouldn't want to eat them haha!

  7. Necessitity is the mother of invention, huh! These look gorgeous and are quick and simple, something we could all easily achieve. Love it! Do you have any ideas you can share for something similar for boys?