Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pinata Rainbow Ruffle cake - the Ultimate Smash cake - sneak peek

My kids have voted this cake the bestest cake ever.


and lets face it, my kids have had quite a bit of cake, so I'm going to say their vote carries some weight in kids cakey circles.

EDIT UPDATE : DIY instructions for this cake are now on the blog here:

It's a for real pinata cake filled with candy shaped like a pinata pony cake.

Yup filled with candy.

Oh and it's rainbow inside as well.

Anyhoo these are just a couple of quick pictures. I have a real post coming up with a DIY tutorial. Make sure you follow by email (it's kinda up in the top right corner) to get updated when I post :)

It's inspired by those super sweet pinata cookies that I keep on seeing everywhere. I noticed in the picture they had stuck quite a bit of extra candy in to make the photo look better and I was thinking wouldn't it be awesome if it was big enough to fit stacks of candy in, like stacks and stacks of candy.

Then I thought that would really have to be cake sized not cookie sized.....and yup that was pretty much my thought process behind this cake. Need. More. Candy.

Anyhoo like I said instructions to follow and in the meantime follow me on Pintrest or email so you don't miss a single sweet thing from Bubble and Sweet Blog.

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  1. Oh my GOODNESS, Linda! This is utterly awesome!

  2. OMG, it's soo beautiful and soooooo cool!!!
    I LOVE it!!!

  3. This IS the bestest cake ever! When I was scrolling down, I kept saying to myself, please don't smash it, please! But I'll admit, I'm glad you did because the inside is amazing too! :)

  4. This is AMAZING!!!! Wow you just blew my mind!!!

  5. this is BEYOND all cakes!!! can't wait for the tute although my cake would look already broken before it was done! LOL :>D

  6. Oh my goodness Linda! I saw this on facebook and had to come over here to see it up close! This is epic!! :D

  7. amazing!!!!!! miss E says "its great, i love pinata cakes!"

  8. This cake/pinata just totally blew my mind. This is amazing and almost too good to eat!

  9. Yes...I think I am just about speechless myself - that cake looks amazing and I think my sons would go nuts!!!

    Hi There,

    I am Donna from nectar and stone blog and I am currently introducing myself to Australian food blogs that I feel share similar concepts around food. I love that your blog is full of colour and happiness - it really is lovely.

    I hope to build some beautiful friendships along the way...


  10. Your cake is soooo ADORABLE !!! I seen it on a FB posting. It's almost too cute to eat !!