About me and FAQ

Hi I'm Linda a mum to 3 kids who lives in mostly sunny Queensland Australia.

I took a blogging sabbatical for 6 years while I owned a cafe. It was a crazy, I had no time, covid happened and life got away from me.

But because I love to bake, I love to talk about baking and I love to share how I bake I am back here blogging.

This blog is a record of my baking journey.

As well as baking I am currently on a health journey which seems not to match up but it works for me.

I would like to use your images on my website is that ok?

Um maybe, it depends, yes.....no. I spend a lot of time on most of the posts I create which includes developing an original recipe or decorating idea, writing the post, taking original photo's blah, blah more boring stuff....

All the images on this blog are covered by copywrite. It is ok for you to copy an image without altering it for non commercial purposes and link back to the original post (not just the blog homepage). Unless I have stated it is the property of someone else (then you should contact them). 

If you would like to use any images for commercial purposes or you are unsure if you can use them please contact me 

Why do you take so long to answer emails.........?

I left a job I really liked to bring up my kids and spend time with my family. They are my number 1 priority. Always. I love to help out and share my baking but raising a family takes a lot of time for me. I try really hard but it's just me and sometimes I run out of time. I try my best really

Sometimes I may receive products for free or even receive compensation for blog posts. However you can be assured that the posts are written by me and contain my ideas and opinions. I will always indicate if I have received a product when writing the post. If I say I bought a product it means just that, however if I say I was sent a product it is means it was sent for me to sample. You can be assured my good opinion is not swayed by a few dollars worth of free products and only products I like or would use make it onto the blog. 

I also link to Amazon where I have affiliate accounts. That means if you click onto the link and buy a product I will receive a very small commission. It does not cost you any more but it might make a small dent in my baking bills.


  1. Where do you get your inspiration on creating really different foods?

    1. I am inspired by my children and the world :) Sometimes I see some beautiful craft or art and think that it can be recreated in edible form so I do it. A few of my cookies are inspired by graphic artists work on party invitations at their request. I try to pop in a blog post if I have specific inspiration.

      Sometimes when I am making something else as I am cutting it or rolling it I will think, oh that looks like......

      I try to see the beauty in everything. Although sometimes I can go quite a while and not feel so inspired.

      With the recipes I make things I would truly love to eat, sometimes when I am creating new recipes they fail, but it's still all fun.

      While it continues to be fun, I'll continue to be inspired.

      Thanks so much for reading my blog and taking the time to comment :)

  2. Hello Linda, I love your blog. Have you heard about the new markets opening on Sat 16 Nov in West End? Check this out:


    The Boundary Street Markets at West End will be housed on the historic site of the old Peter’s Factory (now the Absoe site) in West End and will bring together a people’s market with a village vibe. Presenting a collective of growers, food producers, local artisans and designers, traders will showcase their product each weekend in the undercover grounds at the old Peters Factory site. Market-goers can catch up on the weekly fruit & veg shop, buy a unique gift or just enjoy a catch-up-coffee. Offering everything from local fresh and exotic growers and producers including farm fresh, organics, herbs, flowers, bread, pastry, honey, seafood, meat, cakes, eggs, spices, teas, coffee, yoghurt, nuts, oils, deli, juices, icecream, muesli, pate, antipasto, candy, gelato, popcorn, gluten free, PLUS homewares, eco products, jewellery, fashion, retro, handmade, antique traders, vintage, upcycled, recycled, knitters, stationery, kids style, tea makers, clothing, bohemian style, silversmiths, art, pottery, candles, body products, ink and so much more.
    Situated on the corner of Boundary & Mollison Streets in the heart of West End, the Markets are easily accessible by the City Glider bus stopping right outside the door, by train, bike, walking or driving.

    Every Saturday & Sunday commencing 16th & 17th November from 7am – 2pm.

    Hope to see you there.

  3. Hi Linda!

    I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award:


    Happy Blogging! ( :

  4. I can't really tell in the pics, are you taking the cream filling out of the oreos?

    1. Hi is that for the Oreo Truffle balls - just pop the whole Oreo in cream and all :) Cheers Linda V

  5. Hi, do you think it'll be okay if I used crunchy peanut butter instead of smooth peanut butter for the ' Chocolate peanut layer extravaganza cake ' ? Would it affect the appearance? Please help, it's for school!

    1. Hi, yes unfortunately crunchy peanut butter may not pipe as well as the pieces of peanut might stick in the tips. You could pipe with a large round tip although it will not look exactly the same, or you could try a rustic finish and just spread the frosting on. However it will still taste as lovely :) Cheers