Monday, April 1, 2013

Fondantless Chocolate Star Wars Cake

A long time ago in a suburb not that far away Mr Sweet's brother had his birthday and I made the cake.

It was a Star Wars theme and I had been thinking about trying to make a whole cake without fondant so it seemed like a perfect opportunity to try.

The cake is covered with chocolate ganache coloured black. I hand carved the plaque on the front out of white chocolate and hand made up a rocky road Death Star to top the cake with (basic steps below).

Actually I think this is my favorite view of the cake

then I popped a cute little galaxy on the back with edible silver stars,

and added some chocolate star wars x-wing fighters, Han Solo in carbonate, Millennium Falcon and storm trooper heads made using some ice cube holds like the ones below.

Bottom Tier: Chocolate mud cake with chocolate ganache and pockets of salted caramel with peanuts.

Top Tier:  chocolate mud cake with Lindt milk chocolate ganache and turkish delight.

Cookie Chunk Chocolate Han Solo in Carbonite

Seeings as I already had these molds I decided to make up some Oreo Cookie chunk Han in Carbonites for the party table.

To make you just need to melt up some chocolate, pour it into the mold, tap on the table a few times to remove bubbles, push in chopped up Oreo's and allow to set.

Once set you can give them some random bursts of PME Sugarcraft Lustre Spray - Bronze. Or if you want to be more authentic use silver (like the one on the cake) it looks more like carbonite.

The Hans in the picture are the larger size. If you check out the picture of the mold there is one large and 6 small. The smaller ones are a good size for snacking (that is they fit in your mouth in one go) but you can get bigger cookie chunks in the larger ones - it's a trade off.

Chocolate Rocky Road Death Star

To make up the Death Star I lined 2 bowls with plastic wrap, made up a batch of rocky road and spooned it into the bowls making sure the tops were pretty flat and even. Once set I stuck the two halves together with extra melted chocolate to make a sphere. Then I carved out a dent to make a Death Star City.

I colored some white chocolate grey with some black gel color and Americolor Flo Coat, then covered the rocky road with the grey chocolate and let it set.

Once the grey chocolate was set I used a knife to hand carve the Death Star into shape, then sprayed it with some Silver Color Mist

The end result was ok seeings as I had never worked with chocolate in this way before.

Anyhoo, Live long and prosper. Only kidding ;) 'Into the garbage chute, flyboy!'

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  1. Linda that's incredible! And it's perfect for those that don't like fondant too! :D Very clever :)

  2. This is absolutely fantastic!

  3. wow wow wow! I don't like fondant so usually use buttercream for cakes, but this is super impressive! all of it!

  4. That is awesome and I would have enjoyed helping to eat it! :P