Sunday, February 5, 2012

Love me Love me not heart sprinkle valentine macarons with raspberry gelee

Love me, love me not........

I'm way past the stage where I pull the petals off flowers to work out if someone loves me or not.After this many years, I'm pretty sure I know where Mr Sweet's affections lie, although he does have his unique way of showing it.

A couple of nights ago Sweet herself walked into the kitchen and saw me wearing a pink floral dress.

"Woah! Mum you look perfect!" she exclaimed (despite the fact I had uncombed hair and no makeup) and she gave me a great big hug. I know she is completely awesome, what can I say.

A few minutes later Mr Sweet walked in and I relayed the story.

"Why did she say that?" he asked.

Yeah he just does not get it - SOOO not the right response.Lucky I'm pretty secure and I can see his affection in the everyday little things he does that make up our lives together.

Hopefully my family does not need to measure my affection by the sweet heart themed sugary sweets I make to share with them, but if it was they would be bursting with love about now.

This week I made macarons with raspberry gelee (jello) and little sugar sprinkle hearts around the side. Just to squeeze a little bit extra love in.

I popped the sprinkles on individually so that I could have the cool pattern, but you could just dip them in the heart sprinkles which wouldn't be so neat but would still be cute. Or just leave the sprinkles off and make pink macarons with the raspberry jelly center.

Oh and EEEEK - I just had to retype this post as my computer froze and lost it - I so hate when that happens. I want a new Apple Mac - if only Mr Sweet showed his love with new technology I would be set for Valentines day  :)

Heart Sprinkle Macarons makes 40 filled macarons

Make macaron shells (click here and make this recipe using pink food color)

Raspberry Gelee
170g (6oz) raspberries (approx 1/2 cup)
15g (1/2 oz) sugar (1 US Tablespoon - 3 Australian tsp)
2 sheets gelatine

Line a 15cm (around 6") square tray with plastic wrap and spray with non stick oil (I used canola)

Push raspberry through a sieve and discard seeds - the raspberry puree should yield around 120g (1 1/4 oz)
Soak gelatine in water for a couple of minutes.
Mix the sugar into the raspberry puree and miscrowave on high for around 20 seconds.
Remove gelatine sheets from water and scrunch out all the excess water - discard water and pop the gelatine into the raspberry puree. Mix until disolved.
Pour into the prepared tray and place into fridge until set.

Pink Ganache

Microwave at medium for about 2 minutes 400grams of white chocolate and 100grams of cream.

Mix carefully until the chocolate is melted and add pink food color until the desired color is reached.
Pop into fridge until a piping consistency.

To assemble

Pipe ganache onto one side of the macaron shell. Add a square or heart shaped piece of raspberry gelee in the center. Place another shell onto the top and press down together.

Dip sides in sugar heart sprinkles.

Store in an airtight container in the fridge for at least one day before serving. Can be stored for a further couple of days in an airtight container if required.


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  1. omg these look and sound delicious, i love the addition of a Raspberry Gelee heart in the middle, so adorable and I can only imagine the flavor,totally delicious

  2. These look too pretty to eat. You are so talented.

  3. WOW! These looks really pretty! I never succeed in making macarons before. I'm planning to make them again next week, and I hope mine would look as pretty as yours :)

  4. Love the color and the surprise heart inside! So pretty! Your post made me laugh:)

  5. That heart in the middle is just genius. the colors are amazing. Beautiful job!

  6. A great idea making the edge with hearts! Such delicate and pretty work! :D

  7. These are beautiful!! I love the pink ganache and the raspberry hearts make a lovely yummy surprise.

  8. These are darling! What a fun touch for V-day :)

  9. Such a fun idea. It must have been so time consuming to put the cute hearts around the edges, but they're adorable!

  10. What romantic looking macarons Linda! Just stunning. Wondering which strength gelatine sheets you used for the gelee - Gold or Titanium?
    Di x

  11. Oh wow! These look amazing! Have not made macarons before, they look far too complicated, but yours definitely impress!