Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A sweet surprise party for Caketopia styled by Sweet Art

 I have made some lovely friends over the years through my blog.

Many of them are overseas or interstate, like old fashioned pen pals but with new fangled high speed internet chat.

But sometimes they are closer than I know,  one day on my way to drop the kids at their classroom one of the other mums asked me if my name was Linda, and to my surprise I found out that she was a super talented cake decorator the owner of Caketopia that I 'knew' from a cake forum.

Yup right there at the school drop off carpark. Since then we have become great friends as we chat about cakey - and not so cakey related stuff on the long walk up the hill to pick up our young children.

So when Sweet Art Cakes contacted me to ask if I would like to come along to a surprise party celebrating the opening of Caketopia's new kitchen and studio of course I had to come.

Quite a number of people contributed to the dessert table for the party, which was honestly one of the prettiest I have seen. Kellie from Sweet Art Cakes styled the table and I just adored so many of the touches, including the hand painted 'cake shop window' and the gorgeous light boxes she created which each had an internal light and held a single cupcake (which by the way were little works of art deserving of the treatment).

Kellie's table and the other contributors treats were so lovely that the party was a guest feature on Amy Atlas

I made raspberry gelee macarons in pink and aqua - Click here for the recipe

A wonderful time was had by all.

Sweet Surprise Party for the opening of Caketopia
Table Design: Sweet Art Cakes
Cake, cookies, mousse and tarts: Sweet Art Cakes
Cupcakes: Crumbs of Comfort Cake Design
Macarons: Bubble & Sweet
Cakepops & Chocolate Pretzel Rods: Megan’s Cakes by Design
Mini Chocolates and Tags: Cupcakes by Haley 


  1. Beautiful work from all! I love the colours of the macarons Linda - gorgeous!


  2. Are those "cake mixer" cookies I see? So many cute details in this party, including your lovely macarons. :-)

  3. Hehe isn't that funny how life works out? Who knew that she was that close? And what a beautifully styled party! :)

  4. Well, what do you know? A small world:) This party is so LOVELY! Your macarons are gorgeous, as usual:) Amy Atlas worthy, for sure!

  5. The Amy Atlas feature is a real coup! Congratulations to all of you.

    I just love those macarons.