Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tiffany cookies for Polkadot Prints Cocktails at Tiffany's party range

A pretty plate full of cookies I made up for the Polkadot Prints new release photo shoot taken by Naomi V Photography.

These ones are Tiffany inspired perhaps for a stylish cocktail party. Or maybe an elegant afternoon tea seeings as I whipped up a batch of Tiffany blue macarons to match as well.

If you are interested in whipping up some of these elegant cookies to match your invites here are some basic steps. The blue cookies are covered in fondant coloured with Wilton Sky Blue gel, embossed with a patchwork cutter, sprayed with PME luster spray (blue pearl) and the topped royal icing dots. They would still look good without the blue luster spray, I just had it handy.

The white cookies are covered in white fondant embossed with the same patchwork cutter and then royal icing dots piped around the edge with a powder blue edible pearl every 2nd dot.

People like to use the embossers different ways, some people put the fondant onto the cookie (or cupcake or whatever treat) and then emboss, in this instance I embossed the fondant, used my square cutter to cut out the square fondant shape and then adhered it to the cookie - try each way and which ever works for you is the best/right way for you.

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Powder Blue Pearls

and I think that Jordan from Polkadot Prints is teasing me. I made one other set of cookies for her range that I can't wait to show off. It's a new cookie design based on one of my most popular ever cookies, so I bet you can all guess just what it is.