Saturday, September 10, 2011

Party Bunting Sugar Cookies

I'm recovering from a little bit of surgery at the moment and I'm pretty sure there will be no baking around here for about a week, also very little sitting in front of the computer or taking photo's.

So I've had a quick search through some of my photo's to see if there was anything worthwhile and found these pretty and simple bunting cookies I made back in February for a magazine photo shoot. They didn't end up using these ones, they took the flashy lollipop cookies instead, but I kinda preferred these ones with their simple shapes and white background.

After I found these I noticed my previous post with the cherry cookies were exactly the same round cookie cutter and white background with a simple design as well.

Obviously I'm all about the simple things, I like to think that's my strong point, here at Bubble and Sweet we're all for simply sweet treats.

So once again take a sugar cookie and cover in shop bought white ready roll fondant or home made marshmallow fondant. To do this you roll out fondant quite thinly and cut out the round shape with the same cookie cutter you have used to cut the cookie so they should be the same size. Brush a little water onto the cookie using a clean brush and adhere the fondant pressing it on lightly with a rolling pin.

Then cut out some small triangles and make the bunting shape. I used small ateco triangles from my fondant cutter shapes and trimmed a tiny amount of the top of each one, but you could just draw a template and cut them yourself with a sharp knife. Then adhere each of the little triangle buntings with a tiny amount of water starting from one end of the cookie and working your way across to the other end with a slight curve down to look like flags hanging from a string.


This design is easy to adapt to any colour theme, a light blue background with red and white bunting, or green with lilac and pink would look perfect. If you like you can even get an edible marker and write on the bunting.

Here is a link to my sugar cookie recipe or chocolate sugar cookie recipe

Here is a link to marshmallow fondant recipe


  1. Hooray for bunting - and bunting you can eat, I'm IN!!

  2. Such a simple concept but so clever as well!! Why did I never think of this lol

  3. Linda these cookies are gorgeous!

  4. What a cute cookie idea. Hope you feeling better soon.

  5. They're very sweet Linda! I wish you a speedy recovery too! :D

  6. Linda, I LOVE these cookies! They are so charming and very appealing:) Time to "pin"! Thanks for digging them out of your archives:) Rest well, and get all better soon!

  7. They are beautiful and I can appreciate the time they must have taken. Well done!