Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Babushka Cookies for Polkadot Prints printable range

All photos by Naomi V Photography

EDIT - I now have a tutorial for these cookies on the blog CLICK HERE

Babushka doll , matryoshka doll, Russian nesting dolls, they have so many different names but one thing is for sure they sure make cute cookies and also printable invitations as well for that matter as you'll see.
I know I've done the whole babushka doll cookie thing before, but I love them so much, they really are one of my favorite cookies so when I had the chance to make a new version of them I couldn't wait..

I already shared the cherry and the Tiffany cookies I did for Jordan from Polkadot prints, but I have to tell you this set were the ones I loved doing the best.

It's kinda hard to tell from the photo's but I made 2 different sizes using the medium size and small size from my bisk-art cutters and trying to match the design in with the ones on the invitations.

How awesome are the photo's that Naomi took?

The ones in the photo above at the back that are part yellow background (like the below photo) are the medium size and the pink ones are the small

The are a sugar cookie covered with fondant, decorated with a variety of fondant flowers (carnation, daisy and blossom cutters) and a few dots of royal icing. I've already have a tutorial for Babuskha cookies (Click Here) on the blog I did up about a year ago, if you follow that tutorial it should give you the basics so you can build up your own babushka masterpiece.

Oh and you all know I love square cookies at the moment so I couldn't help but do up a couple in a matching design as well.

Jordan has done a post over on her blog here as well, awe and she was so nice about my cookies I'm still blushing a bit. She is lots of fun and full of creative ideas, make sure you pop over to check out her blog :)

Printables by Polkadot Prints
Photography by Naomi V Photography
Babushka Cookie Cutters by Bisk-art
Babushka Cookie Tutorial by Bubble and Sweet

Here is a link to my book Sweets on a Stick due out in December, the recipes and ideas in my book are kid friendly and not a difficult as the cookies pictures above. It's a collection of my favorite recipes and ideas for sweets on a stick that I enjoy making with my kids


  1. I love them more than the last lot you did. I love how creatively you match up to the papers. just gorgeous.

  2. So Pretty! I have yet to make really super nice fondant-covered cookies! What a good inspiration.

  3. OH MY GOODNESS. I think I need to make these and have my own little celebration party for making these because they are definitely something to celebrate about =). To precious.

    - Sarah

  4. They are just THE most gorgeous Russian dolls EVER!

  5. Oh they are so cute! I'd have a hard time deciding between playing with the dolls and eating them, they are that adorable. You did a beautiful job matching them to the invitations.

  6. I can't get enough of those babushka cookies. Yours are just gorgeous! Love the colors.

  7. Just gorgeous! Some of the sweetest cookies ever!