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Sophie Doll Cookies - Paper Doll Princess Cookie and Fondant Dress Up Tutorial

Yup these are cookie dolls that you get to dress up with fondant clothes like paper dolls - for Real!

When I was a little girl I used to love paperdoll dress ups, they were so much fun all the incy little paper doll clothes and the pretty little dolls. So when I had my 2 girls I of course bought them some. Suddenly I did not love them so much. All those incredibly cute little paper doll bits of clothing  were all over the house, and as the girls (plus my little destroyer as well) both love craft it was really hard to tell what were bits of scrap and what was precious little bits of doll clothing.

Dessert Table Tag from Polkadot Prints

So I came up with a yummy solution. Edible sugar cookie dolls with hand cut fondant dress ups you can stick on with icing. It's perfect the kids won't be leaving bits and pieces all around the place 'cause it'll all be in their tummy.

Photo by Terri Vandermeer dress by Chicoco

I made these super cute cookies up to look like my daughter Sophie (well kinda) to serve at her Birthday Party, it was part of the party activites, all the kids got to decorate a couple and then take them home as treats.

Photo by Terri Vandermeer

I'm calling it a huge hit.

Photo by Terri Vandermeer

Some of you might be wondering what's going on with the whole Princess titile. I know that there are no actual princess crowns on these dolls, the princess in the cookie name comes from Princess Ratbag a clothing designer/shop who styled a photo shoot that inspired Sophie's party and these cookies. Click here to check out the photo inspiration.
Photo by Terri Vandermeer

If you want to make actual princess paperdoll cookies go ahead and make some little tiara's as well, or you could pipe them directly onto the cookies.

The recipes I used for these cookies and the royal icing are from my book Sweets on a Stick: over 150 kid friendly recipes presently available for pre-order at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, The Book Depository (UK- free postage worldwide) and Fishpond (free postage Aust/NZ).....and many other stores.

There are quite a few cookie decorating ideas in the book that you could do with your kids that are way less detailed and way easier than this but just as fun. Remember the book is kid friendly so the stuff in the book will be stuff the kids can actually make themselves not this stylized and difficult.

Square footed bon bon dish available from Sharnel Dollar Designs

Sophie Doll - Paper Doll Dress Up Cookie Tutorial 
The paper doll template was custom designed by Karen McCubbin she'll be popping up an etsy store soon but in the meantime if you need to contact her you can email the Bubble and Sweet hotmail address.

Or you know - you can just make your own :)

Ingredients and equipment

cookie dough (I used the recipe from Sweets on a Stick but I also have another one here)
Doll template
royal icing
Food Color (Wilton Pink (Rose Clair), sky blue, white; Americolor Copper (fleshtone); Sugarflair dark brown)
Dusting Powder pink
Black edible pen
Rolling Pin large wooden
Piping bag and tips (#2)
Sharp Knife
Brushes (4 different)

Make cookie dough and roll out quite thinly on a workbench dusted with cornflour, about 1/2cm. Place the template onto the dough and using a sharpe knife cut around the template carefully. Remove all the excess dough and if necessary smooth the edges of the cookie dough doll. Place the cookie cut out doll onto a parchment/baking paper lined tray. Bake until golden and allow to cool.

Using the doll template cut out the hair and draw around where you will be piping the hairline with an edible pen (or other non toxic drawing implement) as per picture, also draw on the underwear and the shoes.

Mix up a batch of royal icing and color some skin tone, some white (I add white color to the already white icing as it makes a difference) and some brown. Place the royal icing into piping bags ensuring that you keep the tips covered so they do not dry out and clog up. Check out Sweetopia for piping tips.

Pipe the brown hair on each doll and flood and the pipe the underwear and shoes and flood. Allow to dry and then pipe on the skin. Leave dolls to set for at least 24 hours.

Using an edible pen draw on the face outline features. Practice with a normal pen on some paper until you get the hang of it. Once the faces are complete draw in a belly button and lines at the knees.

On a plate place a few drops of white food color, some pink and some sky blue. Mix the pink and blue with some extra white until you have a nice bright color suitable for painting eyes and lips.

 Using 000 or 00 paintbrush carefully fill in the face you have drawn by painting the eyes and lips with the food color.

Allow to dry and store in airtight containers until ready to use.

I made my cookies 1 week before the party which gave me a couple of days to decorate with royal icing. If you make sure everything is really clean they should easily last this long in airtight containers (or even longer).

Fondant Dress Up Clothes

Ingredients and Equipment
ready to roll fondant (I used Bakels)

Food Color(Wilton sky blue, moss green; Americolor electric purple; Sugarflair dusky pink/wine)
Clothing Template
Rolling pin - small plastic
Frilling tool (I used this one click here)
sharpe knife
brush and small bowl water
Piping bag and tips (#2) with a little royal icing

Before I start I wrote down approximately how many of each type of clothing in each color that I wanted to make. This should be a guide to how much fondant in each color you will need.

Color fondant with the colors until you have achieved the desired color. The light pink and darker burgandy are the same food color just using more for the darker color, that is the same for most of the colors.

Use the templates to cut out the clothing and the filling tool to add texture, place on a tray lined with parchment paper and allow to air dry for a day or until stiff.  Here are some examples of the clothing I made.

Simple top, cut out shape and use the large edge of the frilling tool on the sleeves to look like ruffles. Embelish with flowers (see below) or make a necklace of royal icing dots by gently touching the piping bag to the fondant and leaving a really tiny dot of the icing there. My icing was not stiff it was flood consistency, if your icing is stiff and peaky you can moisten your finger with a little water and gently smooth down the point. I always do a couple of practice runs on the bench or some spare parchment/baking paper first.

Pettiskirt, cut out 2 skirt shapes and trim one to make it shorter. Use the thinner edge of the frilling tool to make ruffled skirt by gently rolling it back and forth.

Adhere the shorter skirt to the longer skirt with a tiny amount of water and using the thin edge of the frilling tool to lift the skirt up in sections and make it look fuller.

Shorts cut out shape using template, place a contrast color onto the very edge of the short and then use the large edge of the frilling tool to make 'ruffles' on the short legs. Leggings were made the same way.

Dress cut out the shape using the template and using the thin edge of the ruffle tool roll back and forth to make the skirt look fuller. Cut out a smaller skirt in a contrasting color using the template and ruffle with the ruffling tool. Adhere the shorter skirt to the dress with a little water. Decorate the 'top' of the dress with some flowers or royal icing dots.

'Fabric' flowers - roll the fondant into a very thin log working quickly and use the end of the ruffle tool to start off a coil, continue to wrap the fondant around until you have a small flower shape, quickly press and edible silver ball in the center. If you work quickly you will not need anything else to stick the ball. If necessary use a little royal icing in the center of the flower to adhere the silver ball.


Use Royal Icing to adhere the fondant dress-ups to the cookies and have stacks of Fun!


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    1. Hi you should be able to make these about 2 weeks ahead with no problems(both the cookies and the clothes). Once they are set keep them in an airtight container at room temperature.