Sunday, May 2, 2010

We Heart Cookie Pops

It's official I ♥ cookie pops.

What's not to love about these super sweet pops.

Once again I took some basic sugar cookie recipe and cut out the shape I wanted. I didn't have a heart cutter large enough so I made a template out of some cardboard just drawing a freehand heart the size I wanted.

Insert the stick before cooking (these are specialty sticks I purchased at a kitchen supply store), bake and wait until cool.

These ones were covered in Marshmallow Fondant, which I rolled out with a rolling pin and then cut using the same Heart Template as the cookies. I stuck my fondant to the cookies using a tiny bit of water.

I mixed up my royal icing a little wet to pipe the way I intended. So with these it's just an outline and then I popped on some of that Donna Hay cake bling (the little coloured balls).

OK now the bit I'm not the best with - the writing. I used an edible writing pen to write my cute phrases with. These are available from cake decorating specialty stores.

I have a set of Wilton letters which you press in to make an impression. Next time I would use them and then ink over the impressions which I think would look way more authentic (and neater)

Then I made simple ribbon roses out of the marshmallow fondant and some matching leaves and adhered them with royal icing. Finally I finished off with a ribbon.

I really need one that says I'M SWEET don't you think?

Once again all the lovely photos with the kids are from the lovely Terri Vandermeer Photography and the gorgeous outfit at the top of the page is from


  1. they look amazing... well done!

    am really loving Terri's photography too!

    Elizabeth xx

  2. So sweet! What lucky girls :D I have some similar on my to do list and the sticks just arrived-yay! :D