Friday, May 21, 2010

If your serious about cupcakes you should seriously check this out

I heart my cupcake courier. Well I should say couriers plural because I have a few now, and have just added to my collection, couldn't help myself when my friend emailed me about the Modern Mum gift pack.

As you can see I use my couriers all the time. Best way ever to cart cupcakes around without squishing all your decorations. The couriers hold 36 cupcakes and have a handle at the top to make carrying easier.Also if you take out the inserts you can use it to easily and safely store or transport a decorated cake.
At the moment The Cupcake Courier's Modern Mum gift pack has a yellow courier plus 2 packs of cupcake wrappers and 2 packs of Marie Shion sugars for $40, plus postage.

I know....that's pretty great value, just had to share it with everyone.

Click here for the link   Cupcake Courier Modern Mum

While you are there you should check out the other stuff available, they have a great range of Jessie Steele Designer Aprons which come in adult and kids sizes.

and I couldn't help but pick myself up some Happeez Clipper Princess Trio reduced from $24.95 to $12.95. Huge range of designs to choose from.

 Seriously you should check it out while the sale lasts.


  1. $40 is such a great deal! Thanks for letting me know about that. I have a cupcake courier but I know some friends that would also love one! :)

  2. wow! $40 is great value.

    I have a snapware cupcake carrier that carries 24 that I use all the time. To tell you the truth though I generally use only half of it to carry 12 cupcakes.

    Still tempted by that bargain though.

  3. I love my cupcake couriers.. they are awesome! I made the most of this $40 deal too - woo hoo :D