Thursday, May 13, 2010

Don't ya wish your cupcake was hot like me...

Let me introduce you to my Pussycat Doll cupcakes. Don't they look good.

Don't ya wish you could bite into it....

Now these cupcakes don't actually have hair extensions, spray tans and surgery but I always feel that they undergo the food equivalent of all that.

Underneath all that extra decorating they are just plain old cupcakes. Really good cupcakes mind you but with just a bit of extra time you can turn your vanilla cake into a MTV version.

So lets have a look at the evolution of a cupcake.........

Frosting/ Icing - don't just slap on your icing with the back of a knife. Your an artist, do a cute swirl with an offset palette, or swirl with a piping tip.

Decorations - Now you could just leave it at the frosting, but that's kind of like going out with your makeup done and your hair a mess. Pop a little something on the top. I have piped roses, you can buy these already made at the supermarket or cake specialty stores.

Cake Bling - now this is like adding the jewelry. A few sprinkles or silver balls add that extra something. Can you see it's all pulling together now.

Cupcake wrappers - Think of these as clothes for your cupcake. It's just naked without that final wrapping to finish off your perfect cupcake. These ones are from The Cupcake Wrapper Co they have a range of different colours and designs.

So there you have it underneath all that primping and preening it's just a good old fashioned yummy tasting cupcake.

But take it from the Pussycat Dolls, nice packaging sure doesn't hurt.


  1. hehe at Pussycat doll cupcake. I would venture to say that these are markedly better than them! ;)