Tuesday, December 2, 2014

These are a few of my favorite things Christmas Edition roundup 2014

I love Christmas and I always have more ideas than time.

Plus I have so many favorite things from past years I want to make which makes it a super fun time full of baking for me but I don't always follow through with pictures and blog posts. Sometimes all I get is a quick Instagram picture (My Instagram CLICK HERE) and I'm off to the next treat on my list.

Yup if I've made it before chances are I won't be taking pictures so to solve that dilemma I'm posting a few of my favorite things on my list to revisit this year.

Gingerbread dress up cookie decorating party - forget the houses and make up batches of easy to decorate gingerbread people with little fondant clothes and accessories that the kids will have a ball decorating.

This is one of my favorite all time posts as my family had so much fun while I was taking the photo's and it's such a precious memory to me, plus there is even a picture of me included. CLICK HERE for full post and tutorial.

Oh Deer these cookies are so sweet. I adore these so much in fact I have a batch ready to decorate right now. They are perfect bit sized cookies and the cup edge gimmick is kinda fun. Plus you can always make them without the little cup edge hole and they are perfect sweet deer cookies. CLICK HERE for instructions.

Christmas nesting doll cookies - Quite a few years back I organised a cookie swap with a few other Australian cookie and cake decorators and it was such fun. These cookies remind me of how sweet and approachable everyone was despite the fact they all have such busy lives and businesses. Ireally wish I had of kept up with this tradition, it's on my wish list of things to do again. CLICK HERE for post

Ruffled 3D Christmas tree - I had this idea for a while for a ruffle rainbow cake but it was Christmas time so I decided to make a Christmas tree instead. I called it the Anit Fruit cake and it turned out to be just the right time it was a hit on Pintrest and I even did a version for The Cake Blog which was a lovely honor. The next year I made a Candy cane version. Each year I have a new idea, I'm really hoping I get time to make a different take on the cake this year. CLICK HERE for green ruffle Christmas tree instructions.
CLICK HERE for candy cane Christmas tree instructions.

Peppermint Cookie Fudge (that is all) - no really that is all I don't need to say anymore do I, I think you can see why this is in my list. CLICK HERE for recipe.

Christmas round up 2013 - See the below picture for last year's round up including that Pinata cake plus some seriously cute macarons and pretty sugar cookies. CLICK HERE for post.

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  1. I LOVE all of your favorite things, now they have become some of my favorite things!!

  2. wonderful..these cakes are really absolutely marvelous. liked it very much.

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  3. wasn't able to find any info on how you made the gold christmas tree cake, probably because you already had a tutorial for the green one! I was wondering though, what you used to colour the ruffles? Thanks :)

    1. Hi yes that latte cake is one I did for The Cake Blog. The instructions are the same as the green and I coloured it using caramel/ivory from Sugarflair :)