Monday, November 24, 2014

Baking pretty cupcakes -in greengate bowls

Mini Greengate bowls available Simply Sweet Home CLICK HERE

Ooops due to some technical difficulties (or maybe more accurately a spectacular baking fail) I do not have my planned recipe post this week.

Instead I'm going to share these pictures I took quite a while back using up leftover frosting, candy, sugar flowers and sprinkles to decorate some cupcakes I baked in mini bowls.

They turned out soooo pretty.

The kids had these for afternoon tea and it made the everyday into a bit of a fancy occasion.

Plus I love using those little mini bowls to bake stuff in, I use them when ever I can (um maybe to justify to Mr Sweet how many of them I have sitting around the house).

If you would like to decorate your cupcakes in a similar way, fill mini bowls (or teacups or cupcake cases) around 3/4 full then when baked and cooled top with frosting or icing (I used raspberry Italian Meringue Buttercream piped using a star tip to make lots of small stars).

Add a macaron (Click here for my macaron recipe) some sugar flowers (Click here for my tutorial on how to make your own sugar flowers) and then some sprinkles, sixlets, marshmallows and sprinkles.

Shopping notes
Greengate bowls available at Simply Sweet Home
My sixlets and marshmallows were from Big Lolly
Macaron recipe CLICK HERE
Sugar Flowers CLICK HERE
Soft sugar pearls from Queen Australia

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This is not a sponsored post however I am related to the owner of Simply Sweet Homes.

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  1. These are SO cute Linda! I hope the technical problems aren't giving you too much of a headache?