Monday, October 18, 2010

Pink Ribbon Chocolate Dipped Macaron Pops for Pinktober

This month for Pinktober the online macaron group mac attack decided to do Pinkarons, which I have to say wasn't much of a challenge for me because I'm such a girly girl I make pink macarons at least once a month.

In Australia, the National Breast Cancer Foundation symbol is a pink ribbon, and women across the nation are having "A Girls Night In".

So instead of cheating and using pics I already had, I decided to create a macaron that would be perfect for a girls night in swish soiree with your family and friends.

Pink Ribbon white chocolate dipped macarons on a pop.

Didn't wait long enough before taking this bit, the choc was not quite set but it was oh so delicious

I've been a naughty blogger lately and haven't been taking many pictures of the process so I'll just have to give you some steps.

1. Make your macarons - this is my favorite recipe: Pink Macarons

2. Make your ganache  the recipe is included in the above link for macarons.

3. At the filling stage pop in a Wilton 6" lollipop stick or some other food safe type pop/stick

4. Stick in fridge to set

5. Make pink ribbons by rolling out fondant with a small rolling pin and cutting thin strips with a clean pizza cutter, you can use a knife if you like but the pizza cutter is super easy and leaves as mooth edge. Shape into ribbons.

6. Melt white chocolate with a little copha (copha is a white hard vegetable shortening, like crisco but harder you could substitute a little less crisco), around 15g copha to 120g chocolate or so.

7. Carefully dip macaron pops into chocolate.

8. Allow extra chocolate to drip off whilst holding upside down, shake a little, when you think all the excess has dripped off keep on waiting, there will be more.

9. Pop into styrofoam or similar stand upright to allow to dry, just before the chocolate is set pop the fondant ribbon onto the front of the macaron pop.

If you like you can omit the pink fondant ribbon and just do a plain pop tied with a pink ribbon like these ones below.

Swish and Delish what more could you ask for?

Anyway I can't wait for later in the month for the full line up of the  Mac Attack #12 Pinkarons,

there have been some cute and funny posts so far, they're a fun baking bunch, yup Lora especially you.


  1. Love the pink fondant ribbon! Beautiful macs and perfect for Pink October! Always so glad to have you bake with us!

  2. Oh these are gorgeous! I can almost taste their goodness!

  3. YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM! What else can I say? :)


  4. "because I'm such a girly girl I make pink macarons at least once a month" - a girly girl after my own heart! If it's pink or it sparkles, I'm in! As usual these are just darling and so creative. White Chocolate dipped pink macarons? Delicious girly girl heaven! They are just beautiful and a perfect tribute. Thanks so much for the link love!

  5. I just love your pink mac pops! Your macs are always so beautiful and these are no exception! The little ribbons are so cute:)

  6. What a fun idea! You really have perfected the pink macaron - gorgeous. Glad you linked us over.

  7. Absolutely genius! Beautiful, as always.

    Question: when you're drying your pops in a styrofoam block or equivalent, do you find you get much chocolate running down the stick? Why am I so messy?!

  8. Hi Amber that's why step 8 is so important, if your getting choc running down the stick you haven't tapped them/ held them up to drip for long enough.

  9. Thanks Linda. It's clear that I am simply not patient enough - haha! Thanks for the tip :)

  10. I love these..., they are awesome Linda, so clever &..., well..... I want one... a lot ;)

  11. This is so sweet and clever! You could also use it for a girly party too so it's so versatile. I've never had a macaron coated with chocolate but I feel like I should remedy that :P

  12. What a beautiful colour those pops are when you bite into them!
    *kisses* HH

  13. Oh my creative of you...

  14. Very pretty, and what a good cause - beautiful on all accounts!

  15. This is such a gr8 idea..Love the pink ribbon!

  16. Pretty macaron pops. Beautiful touch with the pink ribbon.

  17. Thank you for these absolutely gorgeous macarons Linda, and for joining us at MacTweets! I love the surprise you get when you bite into them! Bravo!!