Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Babushka Decorate Sugar Cookie quick tutorial

Cute pink babushka decorated sugar cookies I made for a project I was working on, and now I'm going to share with you all how I made them.

Now I'm just sharing how I made the heart ones on the right I came up with to match the project I had going on - you can go crazy with the decorations, pretty much anything will look great on these doll cookies. Don't get stressed out if you don't have exactly what I used below, just find something else that works.

This red one below I used an oval shape instead, just use whatever kind of shapes and decorations you have on hand.

The not really a baby anymore work up early and no time to finish this one, was piping with a two year old hanging off me, but I think it looked ok as is. The eyes are black fondant instead of edible pen.

oh and they were inspired by some lovely pics I saw on Flickr from Three Honeybees.

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Cookie cutters were purchased here 

Cookie recipe is the same one I used here  Cookie Recipe


Babushka Cookie cutter same size as cookie I used the large size here 11.5cm long
Wilton #235 tip (diameter 3cm)
Flower cookie cutters and or heart cookie cutters various sizes (I used large heart 8cm at widest point and flower 6 cm at widest point)
Small heart cutter/ejector set
small fondant rolling pin
Piping bag
Wilton #2 tip

Ready Rolled Fondant or Marshmallow Fondant
Skintone food colour
Wilton Rose food colour
pink edible dusting powder
Black food pen
Red food pen
Royal Icing


1. Colour a small amount of fondant skintone colour and the remainder dark and light pink.

2. Roll out dark pink fondant and using the Babushka cutter cut out a full size shape. Repeat with light pink.

3. Lay the 2 different colour fondant cutouts on top of each other and using the large heart cutter cut through both layers in a shape that represents the babushka shawl, make sure you don't cut off any bits of the head.. A large flower cutter can also be used at this stage.


4. Carefully separate the layers and cut a round shape using the end of the Wilton #235 tip representing the face out of the top sections of the fondant shapes. Do not discard these rounds yet
5. Roll out the flesh colour fondant and cut a round shape using the end of the Wilton #235 tip.

6. Using a clean foodsafe brush, brush a little water onto the cooked and cooled cookie. You may also use edible glue.

7. Carefully place the fondant onto the cookie shape as per the picture and then using the small rolling pin gently roll over the top of the fondant to adhere it to the cookie and reduce any spaces between the different fondants.
8. Cut 'hair' from the dark and light pink rounds you saved at step 4 using the 6cm flower cutter slightly off center to create a side part. Adhere to face with a tiny amount of water.
9. Roll out fondant as thin as possible and cut out hearts using the small ejector and arrange on the body of the babushka doll.
10. Using a foodsafe brush, dust cheeks with edible dusting powder. Draw on eyes and mouth using the edible pens.

11. Pop a #2 tip into the piping bag, add white royal icing and decorate the doll with white dots as per picture.


  1. Great tutorial, the cookies are adorable. Now I need to find that cookie cutter!!

  2. Wonderful tutorial. I just LOVE these cookies. Danke!

  3. I've been looking through your blog posts, and my mouth is watering! Wow!!

  4. Oh totally sweet! Thanks for sharing.
    Danielle x

  5. wow, these are amazing. They look like a lot of work.

  6. Thank you for the great tutorial, Linda! I just love these so much! You're so talented! Now to the link to purchase the cutters...:)

  7. Oh my, you are so very patient. These look adorable! Thansk for the step by steps. Hmm...maybe I need a babushka cutter now :)

  8. That is so cute! They look delicious but too nice to eat. Love all of your ideas. :)

  9. looks so pretty, thanks for your tutorial.

  10. Love it - ordered my coookie cutters today. Look forward to attempting them.

  11. A babushka has just been added to my must have cookie cutter list! These are gorgeous, thanks so much for the tutorial.

  12. This is gorgeous! I have a printables range that matches this tutorial perfectly! Thank you so much for sharing - I'll be linking back to this tute :)

  13. Such a creative way to decorate these cookies! They look beautiful :)

  14. Lovely - really nicely done!

    I have a set of matroska dolls in pastel colours that look just like your babushka cookies. And on my recent trip to New Zealand, I brought back some Maori matroskas which are sweet as!

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  17. hi linda,
    how long can you keep sugar cookies for?
    i wanted to make for my daughter bday..but i plan to make a dessert table lots of thing to do..
    is i make it like 2weeks in advance and i wrap in cello that ok?

  18. The cookies are a little nicer when fresher but yes they will certainly keep 2 weeks and be fine. I keep mine in air tight containers with layers separated by baking paper. Just make sure the fondant has dried sufficiently before you pop it into the air tight container.

  19. thanks linda for your quick reply.
    it really mean alot to me when u can say yes.
    have u ever keep it about 2weeks and it is still alright?
    most of the recipe that i find..say keep up to one i just a bit scared..but if i have to bake everything in one week...i can get crazy with the schedule hahaha

  20. Yes I have, as long as the container will be airtight it will be fine the cookie should not go stale. Def not as nice as the next day but still perfectly ok.

  21. Thanks so much for this tutorial. All I can say is Wow... Thanks again. Funny how some of the simplest things look difficult. Your steps make it look easy and do-able. Thank you so much.

  22. Wow, that is such a gorgeous cookie! Thank you so much for the tutorial, I am going to try my hand at these for my daughter's birthday!