Friday, October 15, 2010

Cookie and Babychino 2nd Birthday Party

My Baby Boy turned 2 and a couple of his absolute favourite things in the world apart from his bunny, sisters and me are babychinos and cookies.

Which made choosing the theme for his party pretty easy, and also the cooking, if you can bake a batch of cookies this is the party for you.

I'm feeling pretty pleased as I actually gave myself more than 2 weeks to plan this time and as a result I managed to get some themed invitations from Fairydust designs they have a great range of invitations, but if you need something special they can also do custom design.

They do cupcake toppers, thank you tags and bunting so organising a co-ordinated party is as easy as the click of a computer button. My girls loved the invitation so much they insisted I use part of the design to decorate the cake.

and how amazing are these Ah tissue pom poms, I am in love with the gold ones at the moment......

Selection of Pom Poms from Ah-Tissue

Random not so plain chocolate chip cookies on table

What about these, the perfect little box for a perfect macaron? I think so.

These lovely little boxes are from Details Details, and we all know its ALL about the details.  I got a stack of stuff from them, if you follow me on facebook you would have seen the cute strawberry cookies I made using one of their cutters. The wide blue ribbon is from Brown Button Trading Co.

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I'm just putting this one it because I like it, I don't know why............


Cookie and Babychino Party Menu

Chocolate Chip cake with chocolate frosting

Gorgeous square cake stand from Charnel Dollar Design , pom pom made by me (yes really, craft challenged me, if I can make this you KNOW you can make them for sure)

Triple Chocolate Chip cookies (might share this recipe with you in a couple of days, they are my super easy best ever chocolate cookies)

Snickerdoodles which were the hit of the day with the adults

Blue Dotty chocolate chip cookies.

Marshmallow Ribbon skewers - instructions on how to make your own Ribbon Marshmallow Candy here

Blue and White Lollipop Cookies

Chocolate Macarons filled with white chocolate coffee ganache

Blue Macarons filled with dark chocolate peppermint ganache

This cute stand is actually a candle holder from Ikea with a white square plate from Target on the top. Decorations are a paper flower made with Ikea blue dotty Napkin and the center is a re-purposed cupcake topper from Fairydust Stationary designs, Terri came up with the idea of sticking the topper inside the paper flowers.

Blue and White coconut ice

Malteasers, Marshmallows (the only thing I didn't make myself) and

Chocolate Milk


I know what your thinking.... there was no savory or healthy food on this table, but it was afternoon tea and everyone stayed on for dinner so in my mind it was all ok, just like an afternoon snack of cookies and milk.

Table before the kids turned up sans the chocolate milk.

Most of the photos on this post are by my ever helpful and multi talented sister in law Terri Vandermeer - thanks Terri. Some were taken by my brother Andrew, thanks Uncle Andrew.


  1. Just beautiful, Linda! Nice work, and happy birthday to your baby boy :)

  2. stunning.... as alays Linda!

    you have a real talent... so wish you were closer to help me with the shoot!
    I cannot believe Robert is now a BIG boy!

    Happy Birthday Robert!

  3. I like the blue hue and the birthday cake. And the fact that you started this 2weeks prior to the event (amazing!) Happy Bday, Robert!

  4. What a gorgeous party, I love the blue and brown together, the cake is wonderful. Well done :)

  5. What a lucky boy he is! I always admire how thoroughly you carry through the theme Linda!

  6. Wow, what a delicious looking party. All the parties you've posted so far look fabulous. Happy birthday to your baby boy - I'm sure he had a wonderful day. Look forward to the next party.

  7. Awww, happy birthday to your little man! Such a gorgeous party table, and so much detail!

  8. Oh my goodness! First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    I am love the table set up! Lovely presentation! Great job!!!!

  9. Love it! Love it all - almost makes me want a little boy......

  10. Happy Birthday Robert.... what an awesome party, your one clever lady. Beautiful layout on that table.

  11. Wow what a lucky birthday boy! They all look delicious and the layout is fantastic! If it takes you two weeks to get ready then how long will the rest of us need?! ;)


  12. This little party is so sweet!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog.

    Look up Brisbane Food Bloggers on facebook, send an email to join and link your blog so they know who you are and then you will have access to information on upcoming events etc. Would be great to see you on board. And we get to go to lots of great venues!


  13. Oh my, too cute for words! Wishing robert a very happy birthday--he already lucked out by having you making him all these lovely goodies.
    *kisses* HH

  14. Fantastic!
    So well styled
    That chocolate chip cake looks unbelievably yummy....
    Looks like it was alot of fun to put together too :)

  15. Oh Linda it is just lovely - what a wonderful theme - wonderful details. Happy Birthday to your special boy. Leanne x (Sorry it has taken me a while to get here - life is just a tad crazy for me at the moment!) xx