Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How to make Pretty Shabby Chic Cookies

Mothers day is just about here and I thought I would share how to make these lovely sweet shabby chic inspired cookies.

I designed these cookies a while back for my lovely friend Jo's birthday high tea celebrations.

I truly love them and they are so pretty that you can use them for so many occasions. Plus of course you can change the colours (like I have in the photo's from pink to light blue) to suit any party scheme.

If you don't like fondant (or marshmallow fondant) of course you can always do a royal icing base instead of the embossed fondant and then just pop the frilled oval and flower decoration on top.

Pretty GreenGate tins from Mollegaarden Denmark

Not Too Shabby Cookies
Don't worry too much if you don't have the exact flower cutters, for example you could use a small blossom cutter in place of the small daphne cutter in a pinch.

Free video tutorial link:

Fancy square plaque cookie cutter (see link at end of post for example)
Fancy square plaque cookies (CLICK HERE FOR COOKIE RECIPE)
Patchwork quilting embosser (see link at end of post for example)
Cornflower/ cornstarch
Brush and water
small rolling pin
fondant (pink, blue, white)
Dark pink sugar flowers (Click here for tutorial)
Frilled oval cutter
Daphne plunger cutter (see link at end of post for example)
Flower/leaf shaping tool
Royal icing - White in piping bag with plain round tip (#2)
Royal icing - Bright green (I used Americolor Electric Green) in piping bag with leaf tip (#65)
** Remember that fondant dries out quickly so cover in plastic wrap while not in use and knead before rolling out.

Dust the workbench with cornflower/cornstarch and roll out the pink fondant. Press the fancy square plaque cutter into the fondant to cut out the shape.

Brush the cookie lightly with water and place the fondant on top of the cookie, press gently into place using the rolling pin.

Take the embosser and place it on top of the cookie, ensuring that it is evenly aligned with the top.Press down firmly with even pressure all around the cookie surface, lift the embosser off. If the fondant lifts, press it lightly back down in place.

Roll out the white fondant and use the frilled oval to press out a shape.

Lightly brush water in the middle of the cookie and place the oval in the middle of the cookie.

Use the sharp edge of the leaf shaping tool to pop a hole in each curve around the edge of the oval shape (see picture).

Roll out the blue fondant, cut out three small daphne flower shapes using the plunger. Use the leaf tool on each of the petals to press a 'vein' indent in the middle.

Secure the dark pink flower and the three blue daphne flowers in place with a dot of royal icing.

Pipe a center dot of royal icing in each of the blue daphne flowers. Then pipe a white dot of royal icing at each intersection of the quilting embossed design on the pink fondant (that is the corners where the lines meet).

Pipe a few leaves around the flowers using the green royal icing with the #65 leaf tip by placing the tip on the cookie where you would like the leaf to start at a 45degree angle, apply light pressure to the piping bag and pull the tip away from the surface moving slightly up and down parallel to the cookie. Release the pressure on the bag while continuing to pull the tip away to form a pointed edge.

Allow the decorations to set.

Decorated cookies can be made up to a week ahead stored in an airtight container.

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  1. oh WOW! these are BEAUTIFUL Linda! :>D

  2. Your cookies are gorgeous! I really enjoyed watching you make the cookie:) Everything in your home looks dreamy...even the cornstarch canister/sprinkler is so pretty! :)

  3. Loving the way you photoed these gorgeous cookies!!!