Sunday, January 5, 2014

Chocolate Cherry French Macarons

I had some left over macaron shells the other day and have been playing around with different fillings.

I think this chocolate and cherry one was the most delicious, the shells are french almond macaron made with the recipe in THIS POST (CLICK HERE).

Filled with a little chocolate ganache and black cherry halves and some dots of white chocolate ganache.

Then finished with another dab of ganach and a cherry.

Linda Vandermeer is a blogger, baker, maker and author of the cookbook ' Sweets on a Stick': More than 150 kid friendly recipes for cakes, candies, cookies and pies on the go!. Published in the US the book is available at most online book stores.

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  1. Beautiful macarons, gorgeous photos! My goal is to make pretty macarons this year - notice I didn't say beautiful?? :)

  2. Wow, this looks absolutely sinful! chocolate + cherry = I love.

  3. What lovely little macaron sandwiches Linda! And I'm loving the recent bounty of cherries. We buy them every week now! :D

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