Sunday, November 17, 2013

A modern shabby chic corner

It's been a year now since I put in my new creative space, so I thought I would show you a bit of an update on the corner I've been adding to lately.

I had some extra stuff sitting around - some Ikea chairs we got from the clearance corner for $15 around 20 years ago, a 10 year old Ikea mirror (there are pic's of it on the wall in the before photo's of the creative space) and a couple of pieces of furniture from Loot I picked up in the last few months.

As I'm going with a modern shabby chic look I thought I would give most of it a bit of a paint to match it in with the rest of the stuff I have.

Paint notes - Ikea chair Taubmans Melody Mint, sideboard Dulux seafoam

It's not so much that I must have Ikea furniture, 
it's more that they are 5 minutes down the road and have free child care. 
Other furniture shops take note what some mums will do to for a few minutes of quite.

I'm using the draws in the sideboard as ribbon storage at the moment until I come up with a better idea. I just cut up some pieces of wooden dowel to the size of the draw, stuck it through the middle of the ribbons and popped the whole lot into the draws. I stuck down the ends of each ribbon so they don't untangle, it's not perfect but it's working for now.

 small bowls from Greengate

Oh and check out this super cute bird topped twine spool and scissors I picked up at Holy Sheet Springwood. Oh my goodness - cuteness much???

If you did not see my original creative space transformation make sure you click here and check it out. Eeek the before photo's are totally embarrassing, but I feel comfortable with y'all so I'm ok with you taking a peek.

Oh and make sure you check out the latest issue of  Tickle the Imagination magazine. I have a marshmallow recipe on page 67. It only took me 8 goes until I was happy with it....phew, I never thought I might be tired of marshmallow but even I have limits to how much sweet soft billowy clouds of yumminess I can eat :)

CLICK HERE to link to the free online magazine and my recipe.

Rose marshmallow variation pictured

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Chocolate dipped mint variation link to recipe above


  1. What a really sweet corner. We just moved into our new apartment and I have dreams of getting things in order but have so far failed.

    I LOVE your mixing bowls with handles. Where did you get them from?

    1. Hi Jess how are you :) Thanks for your lovely comments. Those gingham bowls on the top shelf are from Greengate. I usually get mine sent over from the one at the back which is plain pink (still with handle and pouring bit) was about $6 from one of the discount stores and the pink and mint bowls on the bottom are from a different discount store - the stores were Sam's and the Reject Shop.

  2. Oh Linda, I love your new space, it is just beautiful! I'm hoping to try marshmallows for the second time - the first was probably over 15 years ago and it didn't go well. :) Yours look perfect!