Sunday, August 11, 2013

Memories are made of Pink Lemonade Recipe

Looking for a delicious drink that will not have the kids running around like crazy because of food colours and additives.

Ok well I can't promise the sugar won't have them running around ;) But this drink is naturally coloured and flavoured plus it's super fun to make.

  For YouTube instructions on how I made the paper rosette's to decorate the cups CLICK HERE

Plus my kids made it themselves (mostly). Yup we didn't just make lemonade we made memories and had a great time doing it.

We whipped up a big batch for Lilli's birthday party and it was a bit of a huge hit. I'm not sure if the fact we popped it into a drink dispenser had anything to do with the fun factor but I do know there was a constant line up of kids patiently waiting their turn until it pretty much ran out.

The drink dispenser fun at Lilli's 9th birthday - CLICK HERE for pictures of the full party and candy table

Memories are made of Pink Lemonade recipe For US conversion use your regular cups and substitute quarts for litres for a similar result. This makes up a huge batch of over 5 litres (about 5.5 quarts). If you like you can substitute around half the water for store bought lemonade (US - that means clear soda like sprite). If you add store bought product it is probable that the drink will then have additives.

2 cups sugar
2 cups water
2 cups lemon juice
1 1/2 cups strained rasbperries (we strained frozen as it's way more economical that way here)
4 Litres (4 quarts) cold water (or to taste)
Optional - Ice, sliced lemon and raspberry to serve

Heat the sugar and water over low heat until the sugar is dissolved and cool to room temperature.

Mix in the lemon juice and raspberry juice and pop in the fridge until cold. Can be stored in the fridge for 2 days in an airtight container.

When ready to serve add the cold water (or lemonade/ clear soda).

* Recipe can be halved. The juice/ sugar syrup mixture can be frozen prior to adding the water in ice cube trays and stored in airtight ziplock bags in the freezer and then defrosted in fridge when ready to use.

Lilli's 9th birthday party was a pretty pink and green party. For more pictures and details on how I stuck to a budget and still managed to make it look good check out my post CLICK HERE:

We also had cupcake decorating as the party activity CLICK HERE for how to host a cupcake decorating paryt details:

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  1. I would drink this lemonade, not only because it sounds refreshing, but the jars are adorable!

  2. Your pink lemonade is so pretty all dressed up! Sounds yummy! I also love strawberry lemonade:)

  3. Aww the flowers are so cute Linda!! I'm off to have a look to see how you made them. And maybe make myself some pink lemonade too :D

  4. Every one of these photos makes me smile with delight - and really crave some good pink lemonade!

    Great post - I love your site! : )

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