Sunday, August 25, 2013

Naked cake balls

I'm having a pajama day today.

Yup still in my pj's and slippers, although that doesn't mean I haven't done a few loads of washing, cleaned the house and done all that other stuff that needs to be done every day around here.

I'm just being a bit relaxed about it, so to tie in with the relaxed theme I decided to make naked cake balls.

I had a whole stack of cake sitting around that I carved off'a my unicorn cake, so I just scrunched that up and with the ganache that was already layered in the cake I didn't need to add any extra frosting or ganache.

Then I grabbed some mini macarons I had left over, some raspberries, whipped up some chocolate ganache sauce and I had an instant dessert.

I made a video tutorial as well, yup sadly in my pajamas and I haven't combed my hair since yesterday morning, anyhoo I know you guys won't mind, just focus on the cake balls :)

Click here for the video of me making the naked cake balls

To make naked cake balls you need a cake and some frosting. Any type you like it can be home made, packed mix or store bought. Like I said I used chocolate mud cake and chocolate ganache.

(these ones in the picture are the actual cake balls I made up in the you tube video and popped on the plate, I just added a couple of extra raspberries and some flowers)

Place the cake into a large bowl and scrunch it up with your hands until it's crumbly, then add the frosting about 1/4 cup at a time until the cake becomes moist and will hold together into a ball shape.Scrunch or roll the mixture into ball shapes.

You can serve immediately or store in an airtight container in the fridge. If the cake is fresh it should last for 3 days. Otherwise you can freeze the cake balls wrapped in plastic wrap and in an airtight container for a couple of months, just defrost in the fridge and then bring to room temperature before serving.

To make up chocolate ganache melt around 120 g with 60 g cream  (or around 4oz chocolate to 2 oz cream) in a microwave on high for 1 minute.

If you like you can serve naked cake balls with peanut butter, nutella, cream, fruit and pretty much anything you like. They're kinda easy and kinda yummy and use up any extra cake you have sitting around

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  1. YUM! Cake and ganache! That's all you could ever want!

  2. I'll admit, I've had my share of naked cake pops with ganache - they just didn't look near that pretty on my plate! :)

  3. Hehe I wish I were still in my PJs! I got up early today and I'm already tired :P

  4. Those look like the most convenient things to munch in front of the telly.

  5. Your naked cake balls look luscious dressed in chocolate ganache:) I love p.j. days!

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