Monday, July 1, 2013

Google Reader is closing down - Eeek quick don't miss a single thing


1.How to eat a Tiara Ruffled Princess Cake (photo by Alyce and Colette);  2.Monkey Brain Cake with Jello Brain;  3. Pastel Rainbow Ruffle cake ;  4. Sweet Birdie Ruffle Birdhouse

Ok, I know I have left it until the last seconds, and I'm sure you have already heard but Google Reader is closing down. Like today.

I would love it if all the people that follow me through Google Reader could follow me a different way so they don't miss a single sweet thing.

I have all the kids birthday parties and cakes coming up in the next couple of months so you totally need to see all the cute and exciting stuff I have planned.

Over on the top right there are a few different buttons - you can follow me through bloglovin' which means you will get an update on a daily basis of all the blogs you follow. I do this and it's great! Plus there is an easy way to copy over all the blogs you currently follow on Google reader straight to Bloglovin' CLICK HERE FOR EASY INSTRUCTIONS.

If you follow on Pintrest as well you will also get updated on the stuff I pin as inspiration.

Oh and on Instagram you get to see some of the stuff I am making ages before it gets blogged. There is a super cute Unicorn cookie that I just loaded up, I'm doing test runs for the kids birthday parties.

Otherwise I would love it if you could pop back to check in and see what is going on here :)

Thanks so much to everyone who has been following me :)


  1. Ooh hubby said that I should put something up on my blog about google reader. This is a timely reminder! :) BTW thank you so much for your lovely comment today, I think you are one of those unique people that definitely understands how much testing goes into a recipe and that was nice to hear :D

  2. The monkey brain cake is such a cool idea!! going to bare that in mind for halloween set ups