Sunday, July 14, 2013

Alien Zombie Brain Eating Cake Pops

I was walking down the Candy/ Lolly aisle at the store and I noticed bags of brains.

Well they're not really supposed to be bags of brains, but I saw bags of 'berries' with squirty squidgy insides and I thought - wow they totally look like brains - AWESOME. Y'all did exactly the same thing when you saw them didn't you.

So, life changing,  now that you can pick up bags of brains the options are endless. Endless I tell you, 'cause seriously brains just add that special something to every treat.

Well my 4 year old (The Destroyer) thinks so. I'm not sure if you remember his birthday cake. Let me remind you. Monkey Brain cake that he begged me to make for months before his birthday.  I would say I don't know where this brain obsession comes from but I would be fibbing. I'm not saying it was a bad idea for his dad to let him watch Indiana Jones, but we've just agreed not to talk about it any more.

Anyhoo, I made this batch of Alien Zombie Brain Eating Cake Pops up and when he saw them he said 'Well done Mummy'. Well more like he exclaimed! That is high praise indeed, it's like top marks A+++. Seriously I felt so proud - how does he do that to me :)

The best part is these are some of the easiest 'cake pops' you will ever make mostly because they are not pops, so no messy cake falling off the sticks. The design is based on the 'Army of Ghost' cake truffles that I made up last year which is a dip and drip method, so easy that kids can definitely help out and the messy globby dripping actually adds character and is part of the design.

Anyway back to these new ones, if your household is not so much into brains, you can just have plain old alien cake truffles by omitting the berry 'brains'.

They are still super fun.

Alien Zombie Brain Eating Cake Pops

Cake or Cookie pop mixture (Click here for Oreo Truffle recipe; Click here for Tim Tam Truffle recipe)
Green Candy Melts *
Copha or paramount crystals
Edible eyes (Buy at craft/ cake decorating store or for edible eyes DIY instructions CLICK HERE)
Berry lollies, the type with the liquid center if possible (or gummy brains or nordic berries)

* I prefer candy melts for this project as they usually set faster. You can use white chocolate coloured with specialty oil based food colour (not regular food colour it will ruin your chocolate), but it is probably cheaper to pick up a bag of candy melts from a craft or cake store if you do not already have the colour handy. You may need to modify the amount of copha or paramount crystals you need.

Line a baking tray with parchment/ baking paper.

Shape the cake pop mixture into little domes, mine were around 2.5cm (1") high, and press them onto the prepared parchment tray to make the bottoms flat, ensuring there is about 10cms (4") between each dome. Place in the fridge to chill for around 30 minutes.

Place around 200g of the candy melts and 20g of shaved copha (or paramount crystals) in a microwave safe bowl and melt at medium low heat for 2 minutes. Remove and stir, return to the microwave and heat for another 1 minute at medium low, remove and stir. If the mixture is not yet fluid return to heat again for burst of 1 minute until no lumps remain.

Remove the tray of cake pop domes from the fridge and holding the pointy top dip the base of each pop into the melted candy melts and then return to the parchment lined tray. Quickly repeat for all domes.

Then grab a spoon and carefully pour mixture over the top of each dome so that every dome is completely covered.

Working quickly pop on some eyes. Y'know however many you think your aliens might need. Also you can add the brains at this stage.

I added the eyes and the brains separately at a later stage by remelting the left over chocolate and then sticking them on, but that was mostly due to the bodies already being set because of the time to take photo's. You can do which ever makes you happier/ is easier.

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  1. I think it's hysterical that you looked at a back of berry candy and saw brains! I do the same kind of thing all the time. Your aliens are great fun and so easy to make. Pinning for Halloween.

  2. Terrific idea for Halloween - I love that you saw brains - it's always exciting to find ways to repurpose candy!!

  3. HAHAHA absolutely LOVE these! and seeing my bday is Halloween, these are pretty much perfect. so The Destroyer is right on-although i give you A++++++! yahoo for your brain to think of this! :>D

  4. Cutest idea ever Linda! You are a woman after my own heart! I want to make these for Halloween now! :D

  5. Those little dudes are hilarious! I would love to make them for my (quite serious and corporate) work morning tea, just to see the look on everyone's faces!

  6. Wow, what adorable little creations! I love their goggly eyes! : )