Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bake Someone Happy - behind the scenes

I have some exciting news and a fun behind the scenes story to share.

So y'all know I love to bake, plus I'm all for making stuff simple and having fun in the kitchen.

A little while back I agreed to film a little spot on Channel 7's The Morning Show (which aired this morning) to help showcase the Betty Crocker range that's now out on shelves.  Betty Crocker's range now has new packaging, some reformulated mixes, extra ready to spread frosting in the packets and a new range of premium desserts called Irresistibles they want to share.

True story - even though I am a pretty good baker one of my favourite stand by desserts is packet mix brownie served with ice-cream. Because let's face it we all need a little help in the kitchen sometimes.

Glenn, me and Lisa on the set

So because I actually use and buy Betty Crocker for real I was happy to be involved. It was all a bit fun, I flew down to Sydney for the day, had my hair and make up done (y'know big tv hair) met some of the food stylists and team from Betty Crocker, who by the way were super nice and then totally aced my first ever tv appearance.

DON'T BLINK. The makeup artist was very calming and friendly. 

Yeah, OK, that last bit isn't quite true, I kinda forgot everything I wanted to say but in the end I think I got across that I like to bake and that when I decorate with my kids I like to make it easy and fun.

This was my tip - when decorating with kids make the design messy on purpose. 
These Betty Crocker cupcakes use the ready to spread frosting that comes in every pack.

Luckily I was helped along by food stylist Lisa from Betty Crocker Australia and The Morning Show's Glenn Wheeler who were way more experienced with the fast paced, witty dialogue required on morning tv.

Anyhoo I ended my fun day of TV recording excitement getting a little lost on the way back to the airport and making check in with 2 minutes to spare. As I rushed through the security scanners I must have looked a little disheveled and put out so they pulled me aside for a random explosives check.

Phew, told you it was exciting.

Bake Someone Happy and Win with Betty Crocker Australia

Wan't to join in the excitement? Sunrise is giving away $10K every day this week for Betty Crocker's Bake Someone Happy week!

Plus they have a fun new #BakeSomeoneHappy competition on facebook and instagram where home bakers like you can upload pictures of your own cake made using Betty Crocker for the chance to be featured in their next promotional campaign.

You'll need to watch Sunrise for details on how to win the daily cash prize or pop over to Betty Crocker Australia's Facebook to share your photo's for the Bake Someone Happy campaign or find them on Instagram and use the hash tag #BakeSomeoneHappy and get your photos up for us all to enjoy!

Disclosure: the words and opinions in this post are my own however this post and the appearance detailed above were sponsored by General Mills.


  1. Thanks for sharing! It's fun to see a little bit of what goes on behind-the-scenes. You look like a movie star having your make up applied:) Congrats on your success! Woo hoo!

  2. Que divertido y emocionante! Gracias por compartirlo!

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  4. Oh my goodness - this is so exciting for you - Congratulations!! - You and all of your treats look amazing!

  5. Congratulations Linda!! You deserve every success and you're a baking and blogging inspiration :D You look fantastic too!

  6. Great job!! Anyone are worthy of each and every accomplishment and you are clearly the the baking and running a blog creativity :D You appear great also!