Sunday, July 22, 2012

A vintage dress inspired wedding cake filled with flowing pockets of salted caramel peanut

My sister in law got married and we have finally officially welcomed her partner of many years into our family.

We always think of my brother in law as the new kid on the block, but he has been a more than welcome part of our family for almost 10 years.

Photo by Ashley Oostdyck

Not one to do things the traditional way, they eloped and got married over in Canada in a pretty low key wedding with the bride wearing a vintage dress that was previously worn by the grooms mother on her own wedding day.

It was so special and reflective of the bride and grooms personalities.

So when Mr Sweet offered up my services to make a cake for their Australian reception I felt that a traditional white wedding cake with bows and lace wouldn't capture the vision of their unique wedding day.

The groom's mother kindly sent me a picture of her own wedding day and I did my best to come up with a cake design to tie in with the color theme of the dress.

I decided to go with a streamlined layered bottom and a handpainted top tier to look like the pattern on the dress. In the end the cake matched the picture I was sent perfectly.....but over the years the photo must have faded and the color was a little lighter than the dress in real life.....and the pattern was a little different than the actual dress as it was difficult to see in the picture.

But I think we were all happy with it.

and because it was family and if it didn't work out I knew nobody would really mind, I created a recipe for a mud cake filled with chocolate ganache and pockets of flowing salted caramel with peanuts.

Yup that's right little surprise pockets with gooey sticky salty caramel and peanuts.

Dan and Michelle's Reception Party Cake

Bottom Tier - 24cm X 15cm (H) Chocolate Mud Cake with Chocolate Ganache and pockets of salted caramel with peanuts. Decorated with streamlined light aqua fondant ruffles.

Top Tier 15cm X 15cm (H) Gluten Free Almond Orange Cake with Chocolate Ganache. Covered with light aqua fondant (not gluten free) and hand painted design to match the wedding dress. I used food color mixed with rose spirits and icing sugar for texture, highlighted with edible gold luster dust.

Cake Stand - Clara Fench
Wedding Dress Photograph by Ashley Oostdyck


  1. Beautiful! What a gorgeous design!

    The pockets of caramel in the cake look so delicious!

  2. Just stunning!! Love the contrast between the chocolate cake and aqua icing. Sounds like a beautiful day.

  3. Amazing, and so perfect and pretty! The photos are great too. I can almost taste the chocolate. Almost.

  4. That looks incredible! And so refreshingly different.

    Charlotte :-)

  5. Madre mia que pinta! Ha quedado impresionante! Que envidia!

  6. Oh my goodness - this looks utterly divine!!! Love the aqua. Hope it was as delicious as it looked.

  7. Oh my goodness Linda! A standing ovation for that. For starters, the colour is just the perfect shade and I love the painted trees! Was that hard? I've got very little artistic talent but I'd love to do something like that. And lastly, how divine is that flavour?

  8. Oh my GOSH, Linda! This cake is phenomenal inside and out!!! Such talent!

  9. Completely in love with that vintage dress! But also, extraordinary job of matching the cake to it. I'd be so happy to find secret pockets of peanut-y caramel.

  10. debra@createdbythefairies

    Hi, live in UK and absolutely LOVE this cake. I have been asked to do a wedding cake with a ruffle like yours. I am self taught and have no idea where to start creating that type of finish...can you help??

  11. Hi Debra,

    just follow the instructions for my rainbow ruffle cake but do not bunch the strips, leave them flat and your cake should have a more streamlined look like this one. Here is the link to the rainbow ruffle instructions:

    Kind Regards
    Linda V

  12. What a wonderful cake!
    What kind of color did you use for the light blue?
    Best wishes!

  13. Hi Linda.. This cake is beautiful & it looks so delicious. I am definitely trying to bake it following your rainbow ruffle cake recipe. Keep posting these awesome cakes & recipes of course :)


  14. Wow.. lovely ruffles, haven't seen something like this for a long time.

  15. i love love it!!!the sweet color,the handpainted design,ruffles,and inside....yummy!!!
    i would love to try this combination!!
    i ve tried some choc mud cake,but i was disappointed with taste and texture!!! where can i find THE good recipe?
    it seems you fill your cake with choc ganache,poke some holes and insert thick caramel with peanuts.i planned to try it this way,am i wrong?
    thanks for sharing your experience,you re very talented!!
    happy baking,
    vahiné island

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hi I have always found the planet cake mud to work really well. Cheers Linda V

  16. thanks for your reply,Linda;i will do some research to find it.
    i will try your idea of caramel peanut pockets the way i imagine,i hope it will work because the picture of the inside of cake is really mouth watering!!!
    do you think i can freeze my ganached cake(filled and frosted),without any problem?.i plan to cover it with fondant and do some frills .
    have you ever try this?
    i hope i don t bother you too much(i m planning my first wedding cake for my friend,and i m sooo stressed with it!!!)
    thanks for your help
    vahiné island

  17. Hello where can I get the cake recipe? Thank you!