Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ruffled party bags made with crepe streamers DIY

Lilli has just had her 8th birthday party a bit over a week ago and I can't wait to share all the pictures and sweet treats. In the meantime while I am waiting to get the photo's back I though I would share with you the ruffled party bags we made for the party favors.

I guess it's not a secret I love all types of ruffles whether they are on cakes, cookies or paper pom poms, so when I saw an idea on pintrest for paper crepe streamers on a box I thought the idea would translate perfectly to a party favor bag. The original idea was super nifty and they sewed the crepe paper, but I am totally craftless so I made mine up with double sided tape.

They were pretty simple to make and everything was picked up from a local craft store and pretty inexpensive.

Oh and obviously you don't need to stop at one strip. I was thinking you could leave off the lace, use lots of different colors and make fun and inexpensive ruffled rainbow bags quite easily with this technique.

We filled our party bags with a book containing a special hand written message from the birthday girl, a candy bracelet, push pop candy, fairy floss and a pink balloon (the birthday girl insisted the balloon was a deal breaker MUST).

Printable thank you tags from Polkadot Prints

Easy to make Ruffled Party Bags

Paper bags
Crepe Streamers in 2 different colors
double sided tape
hot glue gun

Step  1 Adhere the Lace

Lay the bag down flat and adhere a length of double sided tape horizontally across the paper bag, approximately halfway between the top and bottom of the bag.

Remove the protective backing from the tape and press a length of lace along the tape pressing down to secure it. Cut excess lace away.

Step 2 Adhere the first ruffle layer

Adhere another length of double sided tape horizontally across the top edge of the lace.

Remove the protective backing from the tape and attach the crepe streamer on one end securing it to the tape in the center. In the picture I have attached the streamer to the left edge working my way toward the right side. Cut excess streamer away.

Around 1.5 cm's (1/2 ") from the edge fold the streamer back to make a pleated ruffle and then press it back down and continue towards the right edge folding the streamer back at regular intervals as shown in the pictures to give a ruffled appearance.

Step 3 Adhere the final ruffle layer

Adhere another length of double sided tape horizontally across the middle of the ruffled streamer.

Take the second color streamer and using scissors cut down the middle of the streamer to make a thinner half sized streamer.

Remove the protective backing from the double sided tape and attach the half sized streamer and folding back to make a ruffled appearance using the same technique described in step 2.

Step 4 optional - secure further

You may like to use the hot glue gun to secure the lace in spots to the bag to minimise the risk of the lace falling off.

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  1. I remember what a mess it was working with glue and crepe paper back in school. Thank God for double-sided tape now! This is such a cute project. :-)

  2. Very cute project. Love that the balloon was a must and great idea with the book. Keep up the awesome work.

  3. They are so so pretty! Thanks for the great how-to. I cant wait to see the shots from the party!

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  6. Great job! You have just turned the plain coloured bag into a very stylish one! Now, it really looks perfect for birthday parties.