Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy Rainbow cloud cake pops

OK - I'm just gonna say it - these are pretty much the cutest pops I have made.

Rainbows + clouds with smiley faces = too cute for words....well I think so anyway.

Actually come to think of it they also look super cute without any faces as well - so I guess maybe edible+cloud+rainbows X on a stick = cute.

And you know what would be even cuter, it's ok I've stopped with the weird maths.

But there would be even more cuteness if they were rainbow inside. I didn't think of it for these trial ones, they are just white tim tam truffle cookie pops. But after I remembered I have a receipe in my book for a type of fun-fetti multi colored sprinkle cake pop which would look totally and completely rainbowlicious awesome.

 This cloud pop is not so happy, in fact he looks downright sad. 
This must be how rain happens :(

Oh and best news ever, my publisher just told me that they have received copies of the book, that it looks great and next week in will be in the warehouse and a few will be sent to me. Then they will be sending them out from the warehouse to the distributors and then I kinda lost track of what happens in the excitement........ but it should be out in the stores in the US and online in around a month..

I know YAY!

These particular pops are not in the book. But I use this technique in the instruction of stacks of other cute shaped pops.

OK I have to interrupt now before the instructions (and not to let everyone know that the above statement may or may not be true in regards to how rain occurs). Have you ever noticed how most of the pops in the blog pictures are Tim Tam or Oreo truffle pops - no you haven't - well I feel like I have to explain cause in real life I do make other types of cake pops, I promise.

The cookie ones are just faster - when I come up with a new cake pop idea I want to make it NOW - so I have packets of biscuits and cookies sitting around ready to go at any time. You know for cake pop decorating emergencies, it happens all the time around here.

Happy Rainbow cloud cake pops
You will need to make the fondant rainbows at least one day ahead to allow time to set. Alternatively you can leave the rainbows off and just have cloud pops.

1 batch cake or cookie pop mixture
Candy Coating (like Wilton candy melts) and copha or paramount crystals
Fondant (in rainbow colors)
Edible black pen
pink edible petal dust and brush
sharp knife
cornflour/ cornstarch
small rolling pin
water and brush
lollipop sticks
small cloud cutter (you can make a cloud cutter by taking a tin blossom (flower) cutter and squeezing the top on bottom together a little)

At least one day prior to making pops make the fondant rainbows.Dust a bench lightly with cornflour/ cornstarch roll out some purple fondant and using a sharpe knife (or cutter if you have one) cut out the shape of a rainbow half arc.

Roll out the remaining rainbow colors and cut into thin strips. Attach one strip of each color to the purple arc using a very small amount of water brushed on and then using the rolling pin gently press the colored fondant strips onto the base. Use a sharp knife to trim off any excess colored pieces to make a neat rainbow arc.

Day 2
Line a tray with parchment paper and place the cloud cutter ontop of the paper lined tray. Take a few teaspoons of the cake pop mixture and press it into the cloud cutter pressing down firmly until it is evenly packed in, turn it over to check that there are no gaps underneath. Use your fingers to gently press the mixture out of the cutter so it remains on the lined tray. Repeat with the remaining mixture.

Place in fridge to chill until firm.

Melt up a bag of white melts/ candy coating. Mix in quite a bit of copha or paramount crystals - now is not the time to be stingy you need a stack about a ratio of 1:7 for the Wilton brand to give an example (1 being the copha and 7 being the chocolate/candy melts).

I melt my chocolate in the microwave on medium low, medium is too hot and high is way too hot. If you heat your chocolate at too high a temperature it will burn and not be salvageable for dipping .Remember medium/low for short bursts of 60 to 90 seconds.

Grab a bunch of lollipop sticks. Holding one end of the stick dip the other end into the melted chocolate/candy coating and insert it into a cloud cake pop shape so the stick is sitting in the bottom side of the cloud and the stick is parallel to the tray (see picture). Repeat for remaining clouds and then pop into the fridge to chill for 10 minutes or so until the sticks are secure.

Line a fresh tray with parchment paper and place the fondant rainbows on the tray with the rainbow side facing up.

Make sure the chocolate/candy coating is still melted. Holding the end of the stick dip the whole cloud cake pop into the melted chocolate/candy coating. Lift it up and allow as much of the candy/chocolate mixture to fall off as possible. tap gently on the side of the bowl if necessary. Before the chocolate/candy coating has a chance to set place it ontop of one of the rainbows on the tray  so that the rainbow arc is sticking out the side (see picture). Repeat with remaining mixture and allow to set still laying down on the tray.

Once set use the edible pen to carefully draw on a cute face. If you have pink petal dust you can use a brush to brush tiny little pink circles for the cheeks. Use a dry brush to wipe away any excess dust.


I used Wilton White Candy Melts for these pops
The edible pens are available in Australia at Cakes around Town and Baking Pleasures online (and lots of other places) I prefer Americolor brand
Recipe for Tim Tam pop here:



  1. well they're just gorgeous. and they sound yum!! I don't suppose you have the tim tam cookie recipe on here do you??

  2. Why thanks so much. White Tim Tam pops are 1 pack white tim tams blended in a food processor with 40g cream cheese (not light. The regular milk choc tim tams require 70g - 80g cream cheese. Instructions are here

  3. I love these - so cute! If you don't have a brush to hand, you can use the dry end of a cotton bud/Q-tip, just tap off the excess first.

    Another tip - use a damp cotton bud to pick up sprinkles for careful placing as eyes or noses.


  4. Oh WOW, these are just gorgeous!! Thanks to you I have made 2 lots of cake pops recently.. Now I think I have to have a rainbow party just to make these:)
    Can't wait for your book.
    Do you use Nestle White melts or different chocolate? Also, where can you buy those pens?? Thanks for your inspiration.

  5. Hi Mel I used the Wilton White candy melts for this particular pop. I do sometimes use Nestle melts and they are fine, you just need to add some extra copha to get a smooth finish. For the pens try Cakes Around Town or Baking Pleasures, they are both online shops - I prefer the Americolor brand.

  6. Thanks heaps. Just found Cakes arond Town on FB, they have a cake pop comp, you should enter these!!!

  7. These look so adorable - almost too good to eat! Here in the UK Tam Tams aren't available (in fact, I'm not even sure what they are...)! Do you have any idea if there's an equivalent ingredient that could substitute?

    Thanks, and please check out our blog!
    Charlotte @

  8. @ Charlotte + Jade I once had a look around the UK sites and found tesco milk chocolate sandwich bars I think. There is 200g in a normal pack of Tim Tams to the 70-80g of cream cheese.

    Also in my book coming out there is a recipe for chocolate chip cookie pops which uses cream cheese and chocolate chip cookies so any brand of packet cookies should work with that one :)

  9. These are adorable!!! I finally tried some tim tams and they are almost like a chocolate bar called a penguin that we have in the uk, just many more flavours of tim tam! I was sad to leave aus!

  10. Thanks so much Linda V, that's really helpful! I really want to try making them! :-)

  11. These are adorable. The one with the frown and the bite is hilarious.

  12. Linda, One of the CUTEST pops EVER! Thanks for the tip about bending the flower cutter to make the cloud:) Time to pin!

  13. So creative! On my to do list, for the next rainy day!

  14. These are really cuteand the concept is quite clever. This is my first visit to your blog, so I took some time to browse through your earlier posts. I really enjoyed the time I spent here and I'll definitely be back. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  15. Aww I love them! Especially the poor sad face cloud with the bite taken out of him! :P

  16. Adorable! I made regular pops with rainbow inside, and yeah these would be super cute that way!

  17. Wow, I love these! My daughter has just had a rainbow themed 3rd birthday and these would have been amazing. I still might have to try them though?

    I love the sound of the fun-fetti multi coloured sprinkle cake pop. Can't wait for the book!!

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  18. These are just about the cutest thing ever! And yum, "cake" pops made of Tim Tams...... great idea.

  19. These are a-may-zzing! Might have to be among my Christmas stash that I make every year.

  20. Just did this today. Though the difference is i used candy rainbow sour straps instead of fondant. Thanks for the idea. :-)

  21. Just letting you know I've linked to your cake pops in my Top 5 Cloudy Food blog post :) Thanks for sharing your creativity!

    ☁ Adina