Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Red, White and Blue Patriotic Pinwheel cookie pops

Edible Patriotic Pinwheels made out of Fondant

I've had these in mind for a while now....probably coming up to 12 months just after I missed the boat last year.

They're decorated on both different designs, which is a pretty cool idea if I do say so myself.

Also not as tricky as it seems.

and just to put some ideas into your head while your whipping some up you could use these fondant pinwheels to decorate anything. Cakes, cake pops, pies (my latest obsession). Yes if you can eat it you can pretty much stick one of these twirly whirly babies on it.

Plus you can make them any pattern you like, and if your not really into the whole double sided fondant thing you could just decorate one square of fondant with some edible food writers and draw on any design you wanted.

But before I get into the how to make these sweet pinwheels I have to say my camera is driving me CRAZY. I must buy a proper one so that I can get some lovely shots for you all. I may have mentioned it before but I am completely hopeless when it comes to anything remotely technical so ANY suggestions would be most welcome.

Oh and those cute 'ole stripy sticks holding up the pinwheel cookies are actually paper straws cut to size and popped over the top of the paper lollipop sticks.

Ingredients & Equipment to make Patriotic Pinwheels

White fondant
Red fondant
Blue fondant
Small rolling pin
Square cookie cutter
small star ejector cutter
pizza cutter  (or sharp knife)
Sharp knife
cornflour (cornstarch)
small dish of water and brush
Parchment paper cut into squares a couple of inches larger than your square cutter

Roll out the white fondant as thinly as you can and cut out square shape. Working quickly roll out the red fondant as thinly as you can and cut out square shape. Use the pizza cutter to cut the square into thin red stripes.

Using a tiny amount of water adhere the red stripes onto the white fondant square leaving an even amount of white showing between each red stripe. Gently roll over the top of the red and white stripe fondant with the rolling pin. Place the fondant square stripe side down on the parchment paper.

Still working quickly roll our the blue fondant as thinly as possible and cut out a square shape, use a small amount of water to adhere the blue square to the back of the red and white stripe square (ie the all white side).

Roll out some more white fondant and using the small star ejector cutter cut out enough stars to place on the blue fondant, use a little water to adhere if necessary.

Gently roll over the top of the blue and white star fondant square with the rolling pin. Use the sharpe knife to even up the edges and ensure the red and white stripe side and blue and white star side are flush and even, discard any excess fondant.
Using the sharp knife cut from the edge of each corner towards the middle slicing through both layers of fondant. Leave an area about 1cm (1/2inch) in diameter in the center that you do not cut through.

Take one of the corners of fondant and carefully pull it down towards the center, looping the fondant over, repeat for remaining 3 corners ensuring that the loops all go in the same direction.

Break off small sections of plastic wrap and scrunch into small balls to stick inside the pinwheel loops while the fondant dries. Leave a day or so until set.

Then make some round cookie pops, cover with fondant and stick the pinwheels on with a little bit of royal icing. Click here for my previous post on snowflake cookies for instructions on  how to make and cover cookies.


  1. These are very clever. I thought they were real pinwheels for a second! :o

  2. Wow. I'm very impressed. They look beautiful.

  3. I though plain fondant pinwheels were impressive but these are amazing!!

  4. These are just fantastic. The pinwheel fondants are soooo clever. I love the rolling the design into the fondant technique.

  5. I think your photos are always amazing! are your designs! Thanks for sharing your remarkable creativity!

  6. Beautiful job on your pinwheel cookie! I made one too:)

  7. Hi, found you via Graft Gossip...fabulous blog! I am definitely a new follower :)

  8. Like Lorraine, I too thought the first picture were real pinwheels!

    Honestly, to tap into your creative mind for a day would be incredible. I love the things you come up with. But, like you, I'm not good with technical things, so can't comment with any camera recommendations. Tell me when you find out!

  9. I just love the way your mind works Linda. So creative!

  10. Fabulous! looks like real one, nice creativity...