Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How ADOREable is this high tea shoot

So this story starts with a message from Sharnel Dollar asking me if I would like to help her out on a shoot she was doing for Adore magazine.

Come on you guys know what my answer was even without seeing all the gorgeous pictures on this page. Sharnel Dollar Designs Styling + Naomi V Photography + a host of other amazing providers is always going to = a gorgeous result.

Yup I jumped at the chance.

Now I can only take credit here for making the macarons, scones and melting moments, and the recipes for the scones and melting moments are courtesy of Sharnel Dollar. But I am very proud and excited to have helped out at all.

Oh and any of you readers from the US who might want to try out the scone (biscuit) recipe - lemonade is what we call clear soda...7 up would be a suitable replacement, and it is a super easy recipe. Really, really easy fast scones.

Check out the whole high tea fit for a Queen (starting page 96)  including the recipes by clicking on this link.

In fact check out the whole magazine - it's online and free and has some gorgeous stuff in it.

High Tea fit for a Queen credits

Sharnel Dollar - Styling and making of all treats except the couple made by me
Naomi V - Photography
Green and Bloom Wedding Flowers - flowers
Pen & Paperflowers - Silhouette design
Macaron Recipe 


  1. How adorable! It all looks absolutely divine :D Love the mismatched crockery!

  2. Oh I'm so glad you mentioned the bit about lemonade = 7up for us girls here in the states. *wink* I imagine it would make QUITE a difference in the end result. Thanks for including me in the mention - loved your recap!! (would LOVE to be close enough to work with Sharnel in person).

  3. Wow how exciting! It all looks amazing, such a pretty setup. Your macs look perfect. I remember asking for a lemonade while I was in New York, what I got was very different to what I was expecting.

  4. Do americans not say lemonade?? I didnt know that! This is truly gorgeous - love the soft pastel styling! Beautiful!
    Rachie xo

  5. Oh, I recall seeing those melting moments and doing a little bit of melting myself! Can't beat them. Top Job Linda! x

  6. Well done, everything looks fantastic. The scones are a plate of pure perfection!

  7. Wow, Linda, CONGRATS to you for getting to showcase your talent! The scones look delicious, and the aqua macarons~DIVINE!

  8. I just tried the macaron recipe out of Adore yesterday and had my first macaron success! (Third attempt). Have been looking at your blog for ideas of other flavours to try - next stop chocolate!
    Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing.