Monday, February 21, 2011

Cute as a Button Blossom cookie tutorial

Some of you mentioned you kinda liked my button blossom cookies in my last post.

I have to admit I'm a bit taken by them myself, there is something super sweet about button cookies.

Forget cute as a button, I think the saying should be cute as a button cookie.

This cookie was part of a set I designed and made for my sister in law's baby shower. She's an artist and sits more on the quirky cool side of things than traditional, so I thought baby bottles and onesies wouldn't cut it.

They were probably more cutesy than she's used to but hey, I am who I am and I think she was happy with them.

and big thanks to all of you who follow me on facebook and helped me out with these ones. I was unsure of whether to put the stitching around the edges and you convinced me it looked better with the faux stitching.
Some of you also recommended different colours so here you go while doing this tutorial I made up a few of your suggestions.

Blue button with green stitching

Pink button with pink stitching

Yellow button with pink stitching

Yup you get the picture this cookie looks pretty good in a variety of colours.

As a thank you I've done up a little tutorial to show how I made them.

Cute as a Button Blossom Cookie

Equipment and Ingredient for blue buttons with blue stitching
Cooked blossom cookies CLICK HERE for chocolate cookie recipe (my blossom cutter was 5.3cm or 2.1")
White ready to roll fondant
light blue (or colour of choice ready to roll fondant) I coloured mine with a little Wilton sky blue
Small rolling pin
Paintbrush and water
2 different sized round cutters (I used my the wrong ends of 2 wilton piping tips one of the big ones like a 134 and a #2 but just use anything you have on hand if you have a set of small round cutters perfect)
Edible writing pen in blue (optional)

Roll out white fondant cut out blossom shape using the same size cutter as you used for the cookie and adhere fondant to cookie using  a small amount of water. Using the small rolling pin gently roll the fondant to make it the same size as cookie. Repeat for all cookies

Roll out light blue fondant and using the larger size circle cutter cut out enough rounds to place in the middle of each cookie. Adhere blue rounds to the center of each cookie with a small amount of water.
The Wilton tips in this picture are a little different that the ones I suggested as I was making a different size, like I said use what you have.

Using the slightly smaller round cutter press lightly into the larger round fondant cutout to leave an impression. Using the end of the paintbrush gently push 4 indents to replicate the holes in a button.

If you would like to add 'stitching' in edible pen I recommend allowing the fondant to dry a little. Then draw on the stitches using short stokes all around the edge of the cookie.


  1. I love them! Very cute. You are such a clever pants.

  2. They are super cute, love, love!

  3. They are too gorgeous. The pink with pink stitching win for me!

  4. OH my goodness - I thought this was a craft blog when I stumbled upon your photos, they're thaaaat perfect ! Super cute.

  5. Very nice job Linda and thanks for the tutorial!

  6. Those buttons look so cute, I may not have the patience to try out these creative ones.

  7. These look like so much fun to make! Adorable :)

  8. Linda, these really are a treasure. This is my first visit to your blog and I've spent some time browsing through your earlier entries. I really like the food and recipes you feature here. I'll definitely be back. Have a great evening. Blessings...Mary

  9. Oh, the stitched flower -- I LOVE it!

  10. I made a cake with buttons on it last year for a baby shower and made them the same way! I'm so not a professional decorator so I thought was fun to know I did that right. :) It's probably more interesting for me than you though!

  11. So I made some of these today and I wasn't sure what thickness you rolled yours too, the cookies are very crunchy is this how they are supposed to be?

  12. Hi my cookies are around 7mm or so, you can make them thinner or thicker as you like. They are a very firm cookie, I wouldn't call them crunchy, perhaps if yours are really crunchy you have rolled them thinner or cooked for a little bit longer.