Thursday, February 6, 2014

Chocolate Raspberry Oreos for a quick afternoon tea party

Chocolate raspberry Oreos. Well if the name doesn't say it all I think the pictures do just fine.

I had half a pack of Oreos left over from the Valentine Oreos I made last weekend so I whipped up this little afternoon tea for the kids for when they get home.

Yup just a dollop of ready made chocolate frosting and then stick a fresh raspberry on top that you have washed and dried. Or a strawberry or any other type of berry would be lovely as well.

I actually piped my chocolate frosting on with a Wilton #21 piping tip, but any kind will do.

I picked my 2 tier platter up from 2 garnish, but here is a similar one I found online, plus a link for a cute little mercury glass tea light I spied as well:

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  1. I love chocolate and I love Oreo's and I love Raspberries, so perhaps these might be dangerous around my house, but I think I'll make them anyway! :) Beautiful!