Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Zombie Week - Zombie brain munch popcorn

Mmmmm braaains.

Day 2 of Zombie Week on the Bubble and Sweet blog and I've whipped up some Zombie Brain Munch popcorn.

This is a link to the youtube tutorial:

It pretty much takes next to no time to make up and once again the kids loved it.

I made up my own Zombie eyes using white chocolate and M&M's but you can easily find gummy eyeballs around at the supermarket at this time of the year if you want to skip that step.

 I'm planning on some brain pops for tomorrows Day 3 Zombie week offering.

If you missed day 1 of Zombie week be sure to check out my post on Zombie Splat cookies: CLICK HERE

Zombie Brain Munch Popcorn 

8 cups plain popcorn
375 grams (131/4 oz)  white chocolate
120 grams (4 1/4 oz) green candy melts (or you can use dark chocolate)
1 cup of brain candy (I used berry lollies or use gummy brains)
1/3 cup candy eyes approx - see instructions below of buy ready made gummy ones

Place the white chocolate into a microwave safe dish and microwave at medium low heat for 2 minutes, stir and then heat for another 2 minutes at medium low. Remove from microwave and stir until smooth.

In a large bowl stir the white chocolate through the popcorn until it is evenly distributed.

Pour the chocolate covered popcorn into a tray lined with foil and spread out evenly.

Melt the green candy melts/chocolate in the microwave at medium low heat until smooth. Place in a small ziplock bag and then randomly squeeze onto the white chocolate covered popcorn until the green candy/chocolate is all used.

Push the 'brains' and 'eyes' onto the top of the tray of popcorn.

Allow the popcorn to set and then cut into pieces to serve.

Zombie eyes

This makes a stack of eyes and you will not need all of them for the popcorn. You can either reduce the recipe by 1/3rd or keep the rest for other decorating or munching.
85g (3oz)
80 M&M's or candy coated chocolate buttons (I used light blue, red and pink)
black edible pen

Melt chocolate at medium low heat 2 minutes, stir heat for another 2 minutes at medium low heat.

Place the white chocolate into a piping bag or clean zip-lock bag and cut a small hole in the end.

Pipe out rows of white chocolate dots that are just larger than the M&M's you are using.

Push a M&M into each white chocolate dot.

Once the white chocolate is set, draw a black circle in the center of each M&M.

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  1. I love your take on the zombie - this munch look sooo good, with just the right amount of "ZOMBIE"! Salty and sweet can't be beat! :)