Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Zombie Week Day 3 - Brain pops

It's still Zombie Week here at Bubble and Sweet and today I made Brain Cake pops.

I've always said everything is cuter when you put it on a stick, really I wrote a whole book about it, and Zombies are just like everyone else. They like to play with their food and if it's not running away from them the next best thing is on a stick.

I've used an Easter egg mold to make these brains. I have brain molds, don't you worry. Lots of brain molds big ones, medium ones, medium small ones.

However I just don't have any actual small ones that would be just right for a cake pop.

But when I was looking through my mold boxes I saw the 'cracked' Easter egg mold that's the perfect size and really it's not like my kids are neurosurgeons, well not yet, so I was betting they wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

Cute stripe lollipop stick from Polkadot Prints

Plus I'm not adverse to saving money and I really love saving space in my creative room. So I just went with my Easter egg molds. (I've popped a link below for all of you that really want authentic looking brains )

I think they look not bad as brains at all, plus for Easter I'm thinking I can just photoshop the colors, pop ears on the skulls and use the same tutorial ;)

Oh I just couldn't help myself today and I had to shabby chic up the pictures in a Halloweenish way, but at least there weren't any doilies.

Zombie brains on a stick
(makes 12)

280g (10 oz) red candy melts
Cake pop mixture (CLICK HERE for 1 box cake pop recipe mixture or use your fav recipe)
12 lollipop sticks (mine from Polkadot prints)

Place red candy melts in microwave safe dish and microwave on medium low for 2 minutes, remove stir, return for another 2 minutes at medium low and stir. The candy melts should be smooth and fluid.

Spoon enough melted candy into the egg 'brain' mold to coat each 'brain' indent.

Place into fridge and chill for a few minutes until set.

Take cake pop mixture and press into each indent until it reaches just below the rim.

Make sure the red candy melt is still fluid (if not return to microwave at medium low for a minute and stir).

Turn the mold upside down on a tray lined with baking/parchment paper and twist to gently remove each shape.

Spoon enough mixture into the top of each brain and spread evenly over the cake pop mixture.

Place a lollipop stick into the back of the 'brain' in the still melted red candy and then place onto the baking tray flat side down to set. Place in fridge for a few minutes until set.

Can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 3 days.

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  1. AAAAHHH - these are so great. I know many a kid that would go crazy for this!

  2. For sure, erie sistable treats for kids of all ages! Love that it's a cake pop!

  3. Love using the egg mold ...double duty! I agree ... everything is more fun on a stick :)