Monday, September 23, 2013

Trash Pack Cake Robert's 5th Birthday party

The Destroyer had his 5th birthday party last weekend.

Yup that is the cake sitting in the box that the toy came in

If I have learnt nothing else in my time here, it is to realise one's limitations and not try to make someone else something they are not.

There was no cute dessert buffet with matching candy, I did not buy him a new designer outfit, we did not invite everyone we knew and we did not have it at our home.

Note I used Americolor Electric colours mixed with Wilton regular gel colours.
The silver is Edible Silver Spray over grey fondant.

We went to the the local play center where I picked the minimum basic party package and I made an interactive Trash Pack Scum Drum Garbage Game cake with mini fondant Trashies that he flicked at the cake using launch platforms (which were not edible) from the real game he had been given.

CLICK on the picture above to check out Robert 
playing with his interactive cake on a short you tube video. 
It's just like a home video on my phone :)

It was so different from my eldest girls 5th birthday party with scores of perfectly pretty princess fairies at a pink tea party.

Yes the little trash packs are hand made from fondant

But it was the best party ever for my little Destroyer, it suited him perfectly and I couldn't love him any more.

I haven't done up an actual tutorial at this stage for the cake just some vague pictures of the process. I made the cake in one morning instead of spread over a couple of days as I had initially anticipated due to a number of incidents including The Destroyer staying home unexpectedly on his birthday because a python was loose in his kindi. So sorry I didn't get a chance for as many pictures as normal.

Don't worry y'all I lined the box with silver cake paper before I popped the cake inside.

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  1. Using the box as a serving platter was really genius. The cake looks exactly like the toy. All the little figures are perfectly gross!

  2. WOW, this is amazing - almost can't tell which one is the toy! I'm sure your son was thrilled with all his trash! :)

  3. That is identical! You did an amazing job Linda!! Seriously, I looked from one to the other trying to figure them out :P

  4. All post is amazing & lovely. Linda applied her best for this no doubt , i appreciated for this good work. Thanks from DHL

  5. Wow! This is seriously amazing! You have a very lucky little man!

  6. I can't believe how perfectly your cake matches the original toy! Well actually I can because you are so talented! That is creepy about the python-eek!