Monday, September 2, 2013

Sophie's 7th Birthday Unicorn Party - I believe in magic

Sophie's 7th birthday party was 'I believe in magic' inspired by magic, wishes, dreams and beautiful imaginations.

We had a fabulous entertainer and magician, a pony dressed as a unicorn, pretty fairyland decorated backyard and a dessert table with a wall mounted cake. Yup we kinda went big, you only turn 7 once :)

Dessert Table and party food

The party was on a weekday after school so I didn't go overboard on the dessert table. Ok maybe I should reword that 'cause y'know wall mounted cake.

What I should say is there were only a few things on the table and errr.. wall. I knew with all the activities there would only be a short window for eating so I didn't overload the table like I usually do.

There was a herd of unicorn cookies at the front of the table (Click here for DIY Unicorn Cookie Instructions). I popped them upright on some tiny glasses which wasn't the best solution on slippery sequins- in future I would probably make a cookie base and turn them into standing cookies. Alternately you could lay them down on plates :)

In the center under the cake were a couple of glass jars filled with pink and white marshmallows and pink raspberry Macarons (Click here for macaron recipe);

The actual birthday cake was a unicorn head that was wall mounted (I know I keep saying wall mounted, but I've never got to say it before and come on - it's kinda super cool). Um does that seem weird and slightly creepy. I've been seeing a lot of cute wall mounted animals for home decorating and it seemed kinda fabulous. That was until we were going to cut into it in front of the real live pony that it looked like. Anyhoo it was a great feat in cake construction and I'm in the process of doing up a you tube video on how I made it.

Sweet pink drinks that were decorated with pretty lace and 'wish' charms. Click here for a delicious Pink Lemonade recipe with no food colour). I do love these little bottles but seriously they are kinda small for 7 year olds. Make sure you have backup drinks on hand.

There were also cheese and fruit platters, lollies, fruit pop up drinks and chocolate and raspberry macarons for snacks and adults.

Party Entertainment

I'm not sure where she gets the energy but Super Steph manages to keeps the hoards of kids completely enthralled with her fabulous show. She is go, go, go which is great as all the parents can sit back have a rest and enjoy watching the kids delighted faces.

One of the mums remarked she had seen Super Steph 3 times in a year and each time her show was new and different. Steph is fun, vibrant and glowingly sparkly with just enough cheeky mixed in to keep the adults entertained as well, kinda like a Pixar movie ;)

We had a magic show that incorporated the new puppet show (which was kinda a ventriloquist for kids), a disco and a fun balloon hat making workshop.

If your looking for a Brisbane kids party entertainer I could honestly recommend Super Steph very highly.

hehe this picture reminds me of Jane and Lizzy from Pride and Prejudice for some reason, 
probably the formal looks and the fact we all just watched the BBC version together, 
except probably the personalities/ hair colours are swapped

Unicorn Rides

Unicorn rides, what else do you have at an 'I Believe in Magic' Party. Dragons are far too dangerous.

Our beautiful pony Misty was from Brisbane Pony Rides.

Backyard Decorations

These pictures don't really capture the feeling evoked by the decorations 
it felt pretty magical :)

My backyard is a bit tired and I was so lucky to have Carol from Creatively Bespoke Weddings come and decorate it. She (with the assistance of Daneve from Ah-Tissue) managed to transform it into a magical fairyland by covering the metal pegola poles with swarths of fabric and flowers, even adding an entrance surrounded by flowers and dripping with crystals and butterflies and generally glamming up everything.

Oh my goodness the large silk flowers she brought along were so amazingly pretty, I was a bit sad to pack everything up and see it all go.

Table Styling

The table had a pink tiered tablecloth (once again from Creatively Bespoke Weddings) topped with a fabulous gold sequin layer. The backdrop was pretty much the wall mounted cake which had an Ikea frame spray painted gold surrounding it. Not much extra was needed, but we did add a few wall mounted pink pom poms from Ah-Tissue with some pearls hanging down and some flowers in the center.

The light pink risers on the table that the flowers are sitting on were from Lilli's recent birthday party on a budget (CLICK HERE).

Our local florist has closed down so the flowers are actually a few bunches from the supermarket that I rearranged myself.

Loot Bags

We had a selection of lollies and candy in the party favour bags. The pretty pink stripe bags were provided by Creatively Bespoke Weddings and they were decorated with a pretty pom by Ah-Tissue. My favourite candy in the bag was the sour grape liquorice from Sweet and Sour I actually don't normally eat stuff like this but I am in love with quite a few of the flavours and may be a tad addicted.

Party Vendor details

Cake, cookies, macarons and party table - Linda Vandermeer (Bubble and Sweet)
Magic Show, Disco and Balloon Hat Workshop - Super Steph
Decorations provided by Creatively Bespoke Weddings
Paper Pom poms - Australian Hand Made by Ah Tissue
Photography - Terri Vandermeer
Cake stand construction Andrew McCubbin
Pony dressed as unicorn - Brisbane Pony Parties
Sophie's outfit (previous seasons)
           top - Stevie and Me
           skirt - Heavenly Creatures
 Lilli's outfit (previous seasons)
           top - Forever New
           skirt - Tea Princess

 Party loot bags - Paper Eskimo
Pink tiered tablecloth - Creatively Bespoke Weddings
Gold sequin material for tablecloth - Spotlight
Pink stripe Party Loot Bags - Paper Eskimo

Linda Vandermeer is a blogger, baker, maker and author of the cookbook ' Sweets on a Stick': More than 150 kid friendly recipes for cakes, candies, cookies and pies on the go!. Published in the US the book is available at most online book stores:

Link to Amazon:

Or at Fishpond (free shipping Australia)
Sweets on a Stick: More Than 150 Kid-Friendly Recipes for Cakes, Candies, Cookies, and Pies on the Go! 

Disclosure: Super Steph provided this party free of charge in exchange for the ability to record and take photo's of her new puppet show, balloon hat workshop and disco. However the opinions stated in this post are my own and if fact I have previously engaged and paid Super Steph to provide entertainment for my children's party.


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