Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easter is coming - Easter Egg Macarons

Easter is coming, in fact it's pretty much nearly here.

I can hardly believe it this year is rushing past, so to get me into gear I've popped some Easter eggs onto my macarons to make Easter macarons.

These were a couple of reject left over macrons from a batch I made someone. The shell sizes didn't quite match, I didn't pipe the raspberry ganache quite right. They were delicious but just a touch less than perfect.

But with the little eggs on the top no one will notice. Well not my kids anyway.

To make up some similar yourself, make or buy a batch of macarons (CLICK HERE for my recipe to make your own) take a little ganache and whip it until it is light and fluffy (CLICK HERE for white chocolate whipped ganache recipe, you will need about a quarter or less depending on how many macarons you have).

Then pipe a dot of ganache onto the top of the macaron and push an Easter egg into the ganache, you might need to hold it a second.

I stuck mine into the fridge to set up for a while.

The eggs I used were chocolate eggs with a thin candy coating but you could use any type you like.

Oh and make sure to keep an eye out for a special post I have coming out in a couple of days where I have joined up with some other lovely Blogs and then next weeks post will be a couple of days late so I can have a rest for Easter as well. I'm all over the place at the moment :)

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  1. Maravillosos! Me han encantado! A mi hijo le van a volver loco! Gracias!

  2. So cute. I love this time of year! Erica

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous! I am so scared to make macarons, they seem so hard to make! I'll try to make them soon though. They are too cute NOT to make

  4. One Easter I had one macdisaster after another trying to pipe matching sized egg shaped macarons. So I gave up. These are way prettier and the pink color is fabulous.