Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sophie's 6th Birthday Sweet Birdie Birthday Party

Sophie (Sweet) turned 6 and to celebrate we had a sweet bird themed birthday party.

No particular reasoning behind the theme, we just found some pretty printables from I Will Invitations that both Sophie and I loved so we decided to just go with it.

Anyway....Birds, who doesn't love birds, well apart from maybe a generation of Hickcock watching fans.....

But me, I love birds and this was a perfect opportunity to make a birdhouse cake with a ruffled roof, craft inspired flowers and pretty pastel layers inside.

Bird Cake pops, flower cookie pops with button detail and cloud in the sky cookies made a great combination for this pink 'garden' display. All these treats are from recipes and instructions included in my book Sweets on a Stick.
Book Depository: Sweets on a Stick

Fishpond: Sweets on a Stick: More Than 150 Kid-Friendly Recipes for Cakes, Candies, Cookies, and Pies on the Go!

Of course we had some pretty bird cookies.

and some macarons because all the moms love them......Ooops because the kids can't get enough of them.

Plus candy bon bons, marshmallows and sour blue cloud lollies.....Sophie adores how they turn her tongue blue.

and then because I was running out of time I replaced some of the cakes I had planned on making with a selection of berries displayed in pretty Greengate china bowls and latte cups. I think that berries or other fruit are always a great last minute solution for parties, the kids love them and they look just as pretty as any baked treat.

For decorations we used an actual real branch stuck to the wall with some sticky tape and hung  Ah-Tissue paper pom poms from it and the ceiling, then added a couple of gorgeous individually decorated bird houses to the wall behind the cake.

The pink display for the pops was from a discount dollar store with some decorative straw and the risers are stryofoam blocks covered in wrapping paper.

Sophie had seen a face painter at a local store recently who is also an entertainer so we engaged her to help manage the kids. Kozmic the Klown is absolutely fabulous at face painting for both boys and girls and she also has a bunny :)

Bird Cake Pop (removed from pop) instructions from Sweets on a Stick

Sweet Bird Party credits

Cake and other treats - Bubble and Sweet
Paper Pom Poms - Ah-Tissue
Printables - I Will Invitations Lovebird Tweet Printables
Face Painting and Entertainment by Kozmic The Klown
Lollies/ Candy - The Professors
Greengate China - Originated Shop
Cake Stand and Pink Elegant Candles Sharnel Dollar Designs

Super big thank you to Terri Vandermeer who did the background decorations pretty much all by herself as I was a little bit under the weather. Terri also took the photographs, makes those super cute hand decorated birdhouses and sewed up THAT gorgous ruffled tablecloth.

Raspberry Macarons

Printables from I Will Invitations

Selection of treats on and instructions from the book Sweets on a Stick

Awwww Bunny :)

Yup we did a bit of glitterizing on the printables.....just can't help ourselves :)

I shared this party over on Tip me Tuesday at the Tip Junkie :)



  1. I wish I was 6 again! What a fantastic birthday party.

  2. A big hello from istanbul to you .....
    Everything is a super very nice theme

  3. What an amazing party! That's one very lucky little girl!

  4. Just loved the Bird House cake - can you give pan dimensions Linda?

  5. Oh!!! Everything is so beautiful!!!! It´s like a magical place!!
    I love your blog :)
    Kisses from Spain :)

  6. It's beautiful!
    Love the bird perfect for spring!
    The birdhouse cake..amazing. Love the ruffles!
    So funny about the macarons because my oldest daughter begs for macarons! And on a daily basis! :). But I do love them too!!!
    Love your work!

  7. Everything is so beautiful. The Cake is amazing!

  8. I wish this is my party, so sweet and beautiful.

  9. What a stunning girl your Sophie is! And what a talent her mother is. Your work is amazing, I adore it all, I can't even pick out a favourite. :) Incredible and thank you so much for the credits, I wasn't expecting to see this, I love seeing what people do with them. This is too, too gorgeous!

  10. Linda, your birdhouse cake is absolutely gorgeous!! I adore it to bits! And Sophie is a little angel :D

  11. Wow, you have thrown a well-decorated birthday party along with bird cake. Absolutely gorgeous workout is here.

  12. Speachless... This is totally beautiful! Just gorgeous! GREAT party! Liz

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  14. Wonderful photo's and a perfect party. I thought the cake was a bird house in the begining. :P

  15. I just love it! So beautiful!

  16. I adore these!! I want to buy your book , does it come in digital format? I need it ASAP for the party!!

    1. Hi Carliena the book is available on Kindle at Amazon and thanks so much for your lovely comment.

  17. Hi I just love this theme. I am wondering though where I can get the bird cookie cutter. Thanks. I ordered your book but hasn't come yet. So excited...

    1. Hi Christy I believe that cutter is from Ecrandal in the US it's a hand made copper cutter and beautiful but you can find similar more economical tin ones around at baking shops or on Ebay by doing a search (I like google images) for bird cookie cutters.