Sunday, September 23, 2012

Perfect Blueberries and Goldilocks porridge

Bet the blueberries you buy don't look like these....well maybe if your from a different country, not sure about that, but around here they have a weird white sheen.

I'm going to share my perfect blueberry secret with you.

Enjo. Yup they don't just clean bathrooms and floors, they have an Enjo cloth to clean blueberries. OK not specifically blueberries, it's to use on all fruit and vegetables and it's kinda awesome.

Only problem is you might need to have an Enjo party or attend one to actually buy some of these super cool babies. CLICK HERE for more details on the Fruit and Veg cloth.*

And while I'm in a sharing mood have y'all seen the last issue of Tickle the Imagination, the free online magazine.

The current issue is the Once upon a Time kids issue filled with gorgeous fairytale inspired inspiration and what better recipe for them to include than my Goldilocks porridge which is healthy, delicious and just right.
CLICK HERE to check out the latest issue of Tickle the Imagination Magazine.

Yeah and I'm sure I will get tired of my Greengate china but it's not happening this week.........still love it.

* I was not sponsored in any way by Enjo, really it's just a pretty awesome cloth so I wanted to share, however Enjo you can feel free to send me another cloth, or some of those great tea towels anytime ;)

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