Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Caramel Candy Oreo Pops - Valentines for Him (or Her or maybe just because)

Pretty as decorated cookies are for Valentines, some of us have someone special in our lives that like their something sweet to be a bit more substantial.

Like these caramel dipped, chocolate coated, Oreo truffles.

I came up with the idea while I was trialling Caramel Candy Apples for the book, cause you know dipping apples and pops is pretty much the same thing apart from the size. But as it turns out these are way more decadent. Waaaaay more decadent.

I like to think I have pretty good self control around sweet stuff, but when I took a bite out of one of the pops for the blog pictures I ate the whole thing without stopping to getting a single photo. The one in the picture is my second try, lucky I had a whole batch to work with.

For a little bit of crunch and texture I have added some rice krispies as well, although you could change those to chopped pecans or peanuts if you prefer.

If the weather is hot make sure you really ensure that the mixture has chilled between each step otherwise you'll end up with the pops swimming in your chocolate or caramel.

 If you do happen to lose your Oreo truffle don't stress, just grab a couple of forks and dig it out and pop it onto the parchment paper, it'll be just as yummy whether it's on a stick or not.

Caramel Candy Oreo Pops

Oreo Truffles (click here for recipe)
400g (around 14oz) soft caramels (I used Cadbury Pascall Milk Chocolate Caramels) I know they have chocolate on them but it worked out ok.
1 1/2 tbs cream (US 2 Tbsp heavy cream)
1 1/2 cups of rice bubbles (rice krispies) or substitute chopped nuts of your choice.
1 packet Chocolate Candy Melts (or Nestle Chocolate Melts) Plus copha or paramount crystals.
Lollipop sticks

Line a tray with parchment paper.

Shape Oreo Truffle mixture into rounds. Mine were 21grams (3/4 oz). Pop the truffles onto a parchment lined tray. At this stage I like to make a hole in the top of the truffle where the lollipop stick will sit in case the mixture chills too hard. See the picture for example.

Melt the Chocolate candy melts in a microwave safe bowl at medicum/low setting at bursts of 90 seconds. Add some copha or paramount crystals so the mixture is fluid but not too thin. Dip the ends of each lollipop stick into the melted chocolate candy melt and then insert the stick into the premade hole of each Oreo truffle. Repeat for each truffle and return to fridge to chill until set.

Line a new tray with parchment paper, spray the paper with a non stick edible spray - I used canola spray, what ever you have will be fine.

Unwrap the caramels, place in a microwave safe bowl and add 1 1/2 Tablespoons (2 US Tablesoons) cream. Melt the caramel in a microwave at high setting at bursts of 60 seconds until the mixture is bubbling and appears smooth with no lumps when you stir it.

WARNING the melted caramel mixture is super hot, be prepared to use oven gloves or a towel to handle the bowl and make sure you do not get any of the hot caramel mixture on yourself. This step is not suitable for children to undertake on their own.

Holding the end of the lollipop stick carefully dip each Oreo truffle pop into the caramel mixture ensuring the whole pop is covered. You can use a spoon if you like to cover the top near the lollipop stick, allow any excess mixture to drip off whilst still holding it over the bowl.

Then roll the pop in the bowl of rice bubbles (rice krispies) and then carefully place it on the oil sprayed parchment lined tray with the stick facing upwards. Repeat for all pops and then place the tray into the fridge to chill until firm.

Remelt the chocolate candy melts and holding the end of the lollipop stick dip each caramel coated Oreo truffle into the chocolate mixture. Allow excess chocolate to drip off and then return to the parchment tray with the stick once again upright.

Store in the fridge for 4 days in an airtight container. Remove from the fridge before serving to allow the truffles and caramel to soften a little to room temperature - but not too long if it's really hot.

I decorated my lollipop sticks with ribbon and hearts, and then ate way too many of them myself.

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  1. WOW is all I can say. It's on the list for the weekend! (Along with a big cardio session I think!!!). I am drooling.

  2. Oh no, can't we get it in England? :(

  3. These look GREAT and Yummy!Such a great fun idea and recipe! Thanks for sharing!
    Jackie ;)

    your newest follower

  4. What an excellent idea for vday! Now I just need someone to make them for haha

  5. Nikki I think that Tesco make a cream filled chocolate cookie that you could use and I'm sure you could find a yummy soft but still chewy caramel around.

  6. I'm a huge chocolate/caramel lover so I know I'd love these.

  7. Oh is it that time already? I think I've just recovered from Christmas. These would put anyone in the right mood though! :D

  8. Made these tonight for a bridal shower tomorrow, sooo awesome. Very sweet and rich, but awesome all the same.

    1. Oh, and they kind of remind me of a picnic bar (ie look ugly, taste yummy)