Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pearly Cake Pop and Macaron Tower for the Mermaid Party tutorial

When I started to plan Lilli's mermaid party I had a vision of a macaron tower starting in white and graduating to a deep green like I ended up making the actual birthday cake. I had seen some pictures of macaron towers with the macarons placed sideways instead of flat and I loved the look. I was going to pop in some extra little embellishments to bring in the mermaid theme and had them worked out, I ordered my custom cut styrofoam from kool foam for the support structure, I was ready to go.

But then I got stuck with the cake pops, I had a couple of ideas which I was not completely loving. I could have decided to not have cake pops (eeek the horror) but then a couple of days before the party I decided to replace the white macarons with cake ball pearls.

I'm feeling pretty good about this tower, I have never actually seen one like it so it was kinda exciting for me to do.

It's a little bit trickier than the stuff I normally post mostly because it has so many steps involved, and it involves making macarons. You can always buy ready made macarons or if you like you can leave them out and have a totally popalicious cake ball tower.

Also I am not describing here how to actually cover styrofoam and cakeboards with the fondant. There are stacks of great tutorials out there and I feel my tower tutorial will be a bit huge and unwieldy if I add it.

Here is a pic of the full table, see there is the macaron tower next to the ocean wave cake. If you would like to see more of Lilli's Mermaid Party Click Here.

Pearly Cake Pop and Macaron Tower Tutorial

30 cake balls or cookie truffle balls covered in white chocolate dipped using toothpicks instead of lollipop sticks (see below for how to dip)
pearl luster (I used the PME spray)
20 light blue macarons (click here for macaron recipe, divide macaron batter into half and colour one section light blue and one section light green)
20 light green macarons
Ivory/Cream fondant
Light blue fondant
Light green fondant
round styrofoam 9cm (3.5') diameter by 9 cm (3.5") high
round styrofoam 12cm (4.7") diameter by 9 cm (3.5")high
rectangle styrofoam 20cm (7.9") X 25 cm (9.8") X 9cm (3.5") high
lots of toothpicks
Cake board and ribbon

#all the styrofoam was custom cut by KoolFoam, the rectangle is also the size I used to display the cookies pops on the dessert buffet.

Cover the small styrofoam with the ivory fondant and the larger round with the light blue fondant. If your not sure how to do this pop over to you tube.

Cover your cakeboard with the light green fondant and adhere the light blue fondant styrofoam round onto the cake board with some royal icing or a bit of fondant thinned with water. Click here for a tutorial from Cake journal  on how to cover a cake board.

I attached ribbon to the edge of the cake board to finish the edge. The cake stand is really just a candle stick from Ikea that I adhered securely to the bottom of the cake board.

Make the cake balls. I used white tim tam cookie truffles, and made them a little smaller than usual (14 grams or 1/2oz), when it is time to dip them in chocolate follow the normal instructions using a toothpick in place of a lollipop stick. So melt the candy coating/ white chocolate, insert the end of a toothpick into the cookie truffle/ cake  ball, repeat for all the cookie truffle/ cake balls and pop in fridge to chill. Remove from fridge, ensure the candy coating/ white chocolate is still melted and holding the end of the toothpick dip the ball into the melted candy coating/ chocolate. Place in styrofoam upright to set.

When you are ready to assemble the tower, push toothpicks into the fondant covered styrofoam rounds. To give you an idea of where to insert the toothpicks place some of the macarons against the round to resemble what they will look like when finished. It should give you an idea of where to place the toothpicks. It's ok you can move them around if needed.

Place the Green macarons on the bottom layer and then the blue macarons above them to make a second higher layer.

Carefully pull the toothpicks out of each cookie truffle/ cake ball. Using the same technique as you did for the macarons push the cookie truffle/ cake balls onto the smaller ivory covered styrofoam round. Insert the toothpick into the holes that have already been made (where you earlier removed the dipping toothpicks from).

Once all the cookie truffle/ cake balls have been placed on the styrofoam round spray all over with the PME pearl luster spray.

Allow to set for a while and then using a spatula/ egg flip carefully pick up the tower and place on top of the light blue macaron covered tower, using some royal icing or fondant thinned out with water to adhere.

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  1. Oh my goodness- your talents have left me pretty breathless- and while nobody minds the ads at the bottom, have you had any luck adding a new 'raw html' gadget and posting the Amazon widget code into that?

  2. The pearly cake pops are just beautiful, Linda! I've never seen anything like them! Thanks for the wonderful tutorial:)

  3. The tower looks really cute and the pops so tasty.

  4. Wow, wow, wow. This looks so amazing - like art! I've never made cake pops before but have just started making cupcakes and would like to try them out. I live in the UK - is there an alternative to the tam tam biscuits you describe? I don't think they are available over here.

    Thanks so much,
    Charlotte @ fashionwaffle

  5. Great post - that cake is a true work of art!

  6. I absolutely love the pearly finish to them! They're so pretty Linda!

  7. That is one spectacular tower! The whole table is beautiful!

  8. Linda this is just fantastic. The macarons are so pretty and the pearlized cake pops are amazing - all together, simply stunning!

  9. How pretty and elegang! Love the colour combination.

  10. That looks super pretty! Wish I was that talented!

  11. Wow....this cake look s amazing! I love the pearl cake pops ;)

  12. That is just gorgeous, who wouldn't love that and the mermaid colours are gorgeous. Fantastic.

  13. seen this party on another blog (i think on kara's party ideas?), and loved it. thanks for stopping by my blog. will be following yours :D

  14. Hi, lovely tower you have there! Would like to know, where exactly do you pin the macarons? Which.part of the macaron do you stick to the toothpick. Is it the shell or the filling?

    1. Hi I popped the toothpick into the filling as mine is a white chocolate ganache which is reasonably sturdy :) Probably would not work in filling if you had a soft filling like buttercream. Cheers and thanks for stopping by and commenting Xx Linda V