Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Snowflake flurry cookie bites - cute mini square Christmas cookies

I feel like the supermarkets dragging out the the Christmas decorations half way through the year, but I do have a valid reason.

One of my friends is hosting a Christmas in July celebration and asked me to make some of my white snowflake cookies and snowflake cake pops.

Anyhoo to cut a long story short I had just spied some super cute square cookies here and here I was really feeling the square cookie love.

So I decided to try out some incy wincy little square snowflake cookies in a few simple designs and colours.

I'm a bit of a fan of bite sized cookies. I would rather have 2 or 3 tiny cookies than a large one any day so these are perfect for me.

Equipment and Ingredients

24 mini square chocolate cookies
Ready Rolled Fondant (I used Bakels) or marshmallow fondant
mini square cookie cutter (mine was a plastic one from a d.line set which is straight on one side and ruffled on the other)
ball tool
edible silver balls
non toxic glitter or preferably edible glitter
Edible glue (I made mine up with water and Tylose powder)
Snowflake plunger set

Each set was 12 cookies made using a 3.5cm (1 3/8 inch) square cutter then I covered each cookie with ready rolled fondant rolled out on a benchtop dusted with cornflour (cornstarch) to a couple of mm (1/8inch) thick and adhered to the cookie using a little water and pressing on with the rolling pin.

For the single snowflakes I pressed out a snowflake using the smallest cutter from a snowflake plunger set and adhered it to the fondant covered cookie with a teeny amount of water. Using the small end of a ball tool I made an indent into each corner, brushed the indent with a little edible glue and pressed in an edible silver ball.

For the cropped double snowflakes I cut out two snowflakes using the smallest cutter from the snowflake plunger set for each cookie arranged them like I wanted them to sit on the cookie and using the same square cutter I used for the cookies I pressed down to remove the excess edges, using a sharp knife I evened up the edges and adhered the snowflakes to the fondant covered cookie.

For the large cropped snowflake I used the medium snowflake cutter from the plunger set and using the same technique described above cropped the snowflake. In the opposite corner to the snowflake I used the small end of a ball tool to make an indent, brushed the indent with a little edible glue and pressed in an edible silver ball. I then used a ziplock bag filled with royal icing to pipe 5 dots in a curved around the snowflake.

For the random line cookies I piped 2 lines close together at the bottom, a line at an angle crossing the double lines, a single line near the middle of the cookie and another further up near the top. For the white cookie I sprinkled a little non toxic glitter onto the bottom lines to add some interest.


  1. I'm not usually a big fan of cookies, but these are just gorgeous!! Love the colours, love the designs. Well done. :)

  2. I must admit I was a little confused at first! "It's not Christmas yet is it?!"

    But Christmas in July is such a lovely occassion; and a great excuse too :) These cookies are just gorgeous and I will remember your tutorial when December draws closer.

  3. Gorgeous! I'm a huge fan on the pale blue, sliver and white theme for Christmas.

  4. SUPER CUTE! Christmas is the bomb! I don't care what month it is in! PRESENTS PLEASE!

  5. Fantastic! Square cookies have so many possibilities. Yours are just a winter wonderland. Love the color scheme.

  6. I love these! it makes me want to throw my own christmas in july party just so I can make a heap like this.

  7. Great Christmas in July cookie Linda! And I bought some snowflake decorations in anticipation of December :D

  8. These cookies are so pretty, Linda! I really need to try my hand at fondant~you're an inspiration.