Thursday, April 28, 2011

Toadstool and Dragonfly cookies for Polkadot Prints Down in the Garden Party

You must pop on over and check out the lovely Down in the Garden Party created by Jordan of Polkadot Prints that has been featured on Hostess with the Mostess.

The cute little toadstools and dragonflies were made by little ole me.

The pictures there are oh so cute and the styling is so very cool and check out the printables and packaging which is all available at Polkadot prints.

I had a bit of fun working on this as I really like toadstools, I may have driven Jordan kinda a bit crazy emailing her different designs.

See here is an example of the craziness, want to know how many cookies will fit in your treat bag, I'll send you a picture of a few different cookies next to a ruler.

Oh and Besser nice work on that ruler I got in a sample bag like 15 years ago at the Ekka (fair), advertising is still paying off ;)

Toadstool Cookies

The toadstool cookies were hand cut chocolate sugar cookie decorated with hand cut rolled fondant and the white dots were a icing sugar glaze. Well actually just water and icing sugar mixed up to the consistency I wanted.

(The test cookies were all rolled fondant)

Dragonfly Cookies

The dragonflies were made using a cookie cutter from Details Details and decorated with fondant, silver cashous, white glaze, silver luster dust and the bodies were a mixture of cocoa and icing sugar, the same recipe I used for the cross on the hot cross muffins I made CLICK here for link. The chocolate glaze was not the best for piping but I was really loving the taste at the time. I just piped it in one big thick line up the middle.

Here is one of the reject dragonfly samples, he was too cute, sometime life is like that :(


Top 4 photos by Polkadot Prints
Party styling printables treat bags etc by Polkadot Prints


  1. These are too cute!!! I love them, they're so whimsical and cute :)

  2. These are just too cute for words! :)

  3. The toadstools are my favorite! So cute!