Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter Egg Nests with Rose Fairy Floss Cupcake Toppers

My lovely friend Sandy surprised me the other day with a packet of super cute striped cupcake papers, some rosewater and beautiful rose persian fairy floss.

Oooohhh I thought to myself, what a lovely bunch of cakey things I'll have to make something special with them, and so I did.

They inspired me to make these very sweet Easter Egg nest Cupcake Toppers.

I am in love with the rose Persian Fairy Floss, it is so silky and stringy looking, it has a different texture to normal fairy floss. However sadly just like real floss it does not last long once out of it's packet and after a few hours my toppers had melted into a soggy nest. They still looked ok just not as spectacularly fluffy as when I originally made them. I would say make them just before your about to pop them out on display.

Also the Robert Gordon Paper Cups.....soooooo cute, however they do look a bit greasy when baked with a high butter content vanilla cupcake (and really do you want any other sort?) I just popped another one over the top and it looked fine. They are a significant improvement on the older, yet still super pretty ones.  I'm wondering if the Australian regulations limit the amount of plastic/waxish coating they can use I remember reading somewhere an issue with the Wilton nut cups in the US.

They do make cute containers regardless, see them with the mini Easter eggs.

Tutorial for Easter Egg Nest Cupcake Toppers

Cupcakes topped with a buttercream swirl
Fondant in various pastel colours
Persian Fairy Floss (
mini Easter eggs - these ones were from Big W in Australia

Using a blossom cutter cut out fondant in the desired colour. My Blossom cutter was 6cm and I used a variety of pastel colours. Place the cut out shapes onto parchment paper and allow to set for a few days.

Make cucpakes and decorate with a swirl of buttercream.

Top each cupcake with a fondant disk.

Pull out small sections of the fairy floss ensuring your hands are clean and very dry. Shape the floss into small nests to fit on top of the fondant blossom disks.

Finally place a couple of small Easter eggs into the nests.


  1. These are too cute!! Can I ask where you got your eggs from? I have been looking for these everywhere!

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  3. Little mini chocolate eggs with a sugar coating from Big W in Australia

  4. These are fabulous! I love the fairy floss nests!

  5. I love this, bought some persian fairy floss here in Melbourne the other day! thanks for posting!

  6. I've never heard of fairy floss, but perhaps cotton candy could be substituted? Such pretty cupcakes!

  7. Loving the fairy floss nests, pure genius! They look super sweet and cheery ;0)

  8. They look so sweet! The fairy floss nests look so pretty and fluffy. All of the colours look fantastic. I bought some of the same mini eggs, I just hope some last long enough to make it onto some cupcakes.

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  10. ^^ I have never seen 'fairy floss' like that in the UK, but guess you might be able to substitute it with regular 'candy floss' although it would still suffer the same sticky fate in the end perhaps?
    A very inspiring idea though, and you're right, the US tend to get away with a lot more ingredients than the rest of the world, Wilton supplies we can import are strictly regulated when coming to different parts of the world!

  11. What a great idea! Thanks for the tutorial. Maybe I'll find some time to give these a try for Easter. Thanks!

    - Sarah

  12. They look so amazing! I just found your blog, and needless to say I straight away decided to follow, will be checking back that's for sure