Monday, January 10, 2011

Valentine Vintage Ruffle Heart Cookies

I'm a bit of an old fashioned vintage loving girl at heart sometimes.

An old fashioned, pink, heart, vintage, cookie loving girl, so I guess is no surprise that I loved these cookies.


These cookies are made by cutting out white fondant and then using a thin round 'frilling' tool or toothpick rubbing gently back and forth to carefully stretch the fondant making the ruffles.

I used the same cutter for the fondant as the cookie but if you have one just a little bit smaller that would be even better as all that rolling really does stretch out the fondant.


I carefully placed the fondant onto the cookie and using the end of one of my food decorating paintbrushes I lifted the fondant until I got the folds where I wanted them, then I lifted up the ends of the heart one end at a time and brushed on some water and gently secured/rubbed the fondant onto the cookie .

Then I cut a smaller heart in pink and made small holes using the end of a #1 Wilton piping tip. Once again I popped it onto the white heart with a tiny amount of water.

This is what it looked like at that's sweet and I liked it but for me I needed to add a little extra heart, so that's what I did, a little extra red heart in the corner.

 Awe, so sweet I could gobble it all up........and I did.


  1. That's so adorable Linda! I don't suppose you want to help me with a party for Miss TikiBoo? (Seriously!)

  2. Aww great idea for Valentines Day! Love the ruffle edge detail Linda.

  3. They are so sweet! A little old fashioned, a little vintage and a whole lot of perfect!

  4. Ah yes, Christmas is over, ahaw, but lets look forward to Valentines Day, yay! Those cookies are adorable.

  5. so adorable, great for valentines!

  6. I LOVE the ruffle! Such a cute cookie!

  7. Beautiful decorated cookies, love the design and especially the ruffles!

  8. How lovely....they look like their perfect for a Valentine's celebration!

  9. The ruffled edge is gorgeous and feminie! I love it.

    Ps. I'm glad I found your blog