Friday, November 19, 2010

Triple Chocolate Christmas Pudding Cookies

Triple chocolate cookies masquerading as Christmas puddings.That's my kinda cookie!

Also yummy, give me a choice between a decorated cookie and a chocolate cookie and I'll pick the chocolate one nearly everytime. This way I get the best of both, decorated sweetness and chocolate yumminess.

and look you can even make them into pudding pops.

Is there any baked good that doesn't look cute on a stick. I just popped 8 inch sticks into the cookie dough before baking and allowed them to cool on the tray a little longer.

I like this version with the mini red m&m's in the cookies as well, even though it looks a bit like a weird face with a pudding hat.

I didn't come up with this idea, I was inspired by a picture of a little similar one on Flickr and thought it was so cute. The instructions for my version are after the jump.

Triple Chocolate Christmas Pudding Cookie Instructions

Ingredients and Equipment
1 Batch Triple Chocolate Cookies (click here for recipe and instructions). A full batch will make approx 40 cookies.
White fondant icing (you can get this at the supermarket in the baking aisle or cake decorating stores)
Red and green food colour - Wilton Gel or Americolor
As an alternative to the food colour you could use red mini m&ms and green sprinkle toppings or lollies.

Make a batch of Triple Chocolate Cookie dough reducing the amount of white chocolate chip cookie by half CLICK HERE FOR CHOCOLATE COOKIE RECIPE. Chill the dough in fridge for approx 1 hour.

Shape into cookies using 1 slightly rounded Australian Tablespoon (4 slightly rounded US Teaspoon) of dough and slightly flatten the dough. Pop extra white chocolate chips or coloured mini M&M's on the top of the uncooked cookies see picture for example.

Bake at 160C (320 F) for 10 to 12 mins or until just baked through. Remove from oven and allow to cool on cookie trays for 5 mins before removing to cooling rack.

Once cool decorate with fondant topping.

My cookies ended up about 7.5cm  (3")  in diameter. So I used a round cutter of approx the same size to cut out a half circle shape. If you don't have a cutter the right size you can use the rim of a clean cup

I then used a 4cm flower cutter that I squished down a little bit flatter to cut out the pudding shape

See how I did that easy peasy, and you can pop it back to the flower shape after your finished...oh and .makes great cloud shapes as well.

Ok now cut out your pudding icing shape....

at this stage I pressed the fondant onto the cookie, although in the pictures I left it off just to make it easier.

Make a small round fondant 'cherry' for the top or use a mini red m&m.

Also make some leaves........I was kicking myself for not getting those holly ejector cutters right about now, thought I would never use them. Instead I made a tiny oval, flattened it out and then pinched the edges.

Then arrange the cherry and leaves on the top of the white fondant how ever you like. I used a tiny teensy amount of water to stick them down.

You could of course use royal icing to decorate the whole lot, shaping the white icing waiting for it to dry and piping on the red and green leaves afterwards.


  1. They are very cute. I like the idea of using a flower cutter to make the pudding icing top :D

  2. Ummm, surely these are one of the cutest creations you've ever come up with?! Coworkers: you will be receiving these treats very shortly! Merry Christmas (almost!).

  3. Awww they're so darling Linda! :o I got so excited when I opened this page up!

  4. Very cute, as everything you do!

  5. Hi Linda,
    You know how much I enjoy reading your blog, so I chose it as one of my favorites to grant an Award. Please visit my blog and find out all about it here:

  6. Oh yes, super cute. My family contribution this Christmas is to bring
    sweets..., and I love this idea, especially the ones on a stick. Thanks for sharing this super cool idea Linda :)

  7. These look gorgeous!
    Nipsyk (PC forum)

  8. Thank you for linking to my flickr photo!
    Your cookies are very cute, love that you used a cutter for the icing.

  9. These are absolutely darling daaaaaaaaahling, they are sure to be a great hit to any Christmas celebration :D
    *kisses* HH

  10. Pudding hats, bahahahaha. These are so, so cute! And true, every baked good looks a little bit cuter on a stick :)

  11. Love them to bits - I've had an idea in my head to do something similar but now I've seen your recipe you've taken all the hardwork out of it for me ;0)

  12. Love 'em!! And can't resist anything on a stick. Thanks for sending along to me! I'll post a link today at

  13. You come up with the cutest stuff! These are so darling, Linda!

  14. We'll be trying these this weekend I think! What a simple way to get all Chrismassy!

  15. I was looking for a Christmas looking chocolate cookie. I found this. I did not know these cookies were to look like English chocolate pudding until my English friend explained. So, since I was making these chocolate cookies for him, it was fantastic because it was a little 'home' for him. That worked out great! The cookies taste good too. I dipped them in white chocolate and put holly on them. Others I used Icing I put on my sugar cookies and added the holly. I will be doing these next year but better.