Friday, November 12, 2010

Lolli-cake-pops tutorial and cake pop bouquet

By popular vote on my facebook page I am doing a tutorial on the lolli-cake-pops I made up.

But first I'm going to bore you with share the story of how I came up with these pops as Amanda asked how I come up with these ideas.

Saw some cute dagashi inspired marshmallows on the decorated cookie blog and I thought wow - they are super cute might try making some cake pops like this.

Timing was just before Halloween so I tried out some Halloween inspired ones. I considered these a big fail which is why you didn't see the pics. Will be going back to these with a new improved formula/process one day soon.

However while I was covering them in marshmallow fondant I saw a vision of lollipop cookie pops and that's how I got to these.

and while I was making these I came up with another great idea which if they work I'll share as well.

Yup that's me...... I see cake in almost everything I look at.

Then after I finished making them I was inspired to make a lollipop cookie pop bouquet by gorgeous photo's I've seen around of lollipop brides wedding bouquets.

Hint - if you are making the pops for a bouquet use real candy melts not just white chocolate like I did in my second batch as the candy melts set harder and will not smudge while your manipulating your pops around in the bouquet.

The bouquets were really cute and they would probably make a perfect little flower girl bouquet if you can stop the kids from eating them for long enough....

Oh and great news I have a cookbook being released in the US December 2011 - here is a link to Amazon, the preorder price is ah-mazing. Stacks more recipes and ideas for pops and other treats on a stick:

Anyway I know you just want the tutorial so here you go. Recipe after jump.


These pops were White Chocolate Tim Tam truffle cookie pops but you could substitute any type of cake or cookie pop you prefer.

You will need
Packet Tim Tams or similar biscuit/cookie
40 g (1 3/8 ounce) cream cheese
packet of candy melts (like Wilton)
lollipop sticks - these ones were 15 cm/ 6 inch
Marshmallow fondant or regular fondant in colour of choice (click here for easy marshmallow fondant recipe)

Equipment I used
pizza cutter
small rolling pin

Mix one packet of White Tim Tams 165g (5 3/4 ounce) with 40g (1 3/8 ounce) cream cheese and mush together in the blender until it comes together. This amount will make approx 8 to 10 pops depending on the size you make them.

If you live in a country where you can not get white tim tams substitute golden oreos or some other type of white cream sandwich cookie for a similar result.

Shape the tim tam truffle mixture into a flat disc, approx 4  (1 5/8 ") to 5 cms (2 ")across. I make each one around 20 (5/8 ounce) or 25 grams (7/8 ounce), I think the first batch which were 20grams and 4cm worked better. I shaped mine by hand but you could press them into a little round cookie cutter to make them uniform if you like.

Spend a bit of time getting them flat, I was rushed with my second batch (the bouquet pics) and you can see that they are a little bit lumpy.

Melt some white candy melts/ chocolate and dip the end of your pop into the melted chocolate and then insert into the flat disk while still on the tray as per picture.

This melted chocolate will ensure that the pop is more stable when it has cooled and hardened.

Stick the tray of tim tam truffle disks with the pops still laying down flat into the fridge to set/ firm up, timing will depend on your fridge and how much other stuff you have in it.

Melt more candy melts/chocolate I use a pyrex bowl in the microwave on med/low in short 30sec to 60 sec bursts.

Carefully dip the tim tam truffle disks into the melted chocolate, shake a little to remove excess chocolate and then stand there continuing to tap/shake until all excess chocolate has come off. This is the step that determines if your chocolate will be smooth. Don't skimp on the tapping/shaking and waiting for the excess to drip off.

Allow the chocolate to set.

With a piece of string measure around the outside of the chocolate covered fondant disk to see how much marshmallow fondant you will need - mine was 17cm (7 inches)
Once set roll out some marshmallow fondant, or regular fondant to around 20cm (8") in length and around 3 cm (1 1/4")wide. Using a pizza cutter or other tool to get a straight line cut down one side of the fondant. Place the disk on it's side onto the fondant as shown in the picture and then wrap the fondant around. Remove excess carefully with a knife and press the fondant onto the pop to secure.

I use the pizza cutter to remove excess from the back of the pop, if you don't min you can leave the excess and just press it down to secure it.

Make the lollipop twirl using a strip of fondant you have rolled into a long thin log and then manipulate into a swirl, once you are happy with the way it is sitting press down lightly. I use a small fondant rolling pin to press down the fondant neatly.

Then just let the fondant set a bit and they'll be ready to go.


  1. so cool thanks for sharing could do xmas ones in red and green...

  2. Yes Christmas ones in red and green would look great!

  3. Your kids are blessed, Linda :) Love the passion and dedication with which you shell out these delicacies. Best wishes.

  4. Thanks for the tutorial ... lucky flower girl :-)

  5. Oh, that is the cutest picture of the little girl! Oh my. I posted a link on with your tutorial and more lollipop goodness! Love 'em. And thanks for my shoutout :)

  6. These flower lolly pops look so wonderful.

  7. Linda, I just love the cute treats you come up with! These are SO ADORABLE! I would make them just to look at them:) Thanks for the great tutorial!

  8. They are REALLY cute- the fondant looks great.

  9. OK, I've bookmarked your cake-pop tutorial. I've never made them, but you make them look lovely and sound easy enough to manage...thanks so much!

  10. Thanks for the tutorial Linda! And I love those Halloween ones too! :D

  11. Sweet and impressive treat! A very pretty bouquet :-)

    Sawadee from Bangkok,

  12. These are so darling. Love that they're made from Tim Tams, my fave :)

  13. Thank you so much. That was a great tute and I can't wait to make them.

  14. These are so beautiful! What a creative idea. I've always been afraid of working wit fondant, but may have to give it a try.

  15. Hola!!
    Es fabuloso tu Blog.... te sigo!

  16. Ok i have a qustion, can you add wilton icing color (or any other food coloring) to the Tim Tam mixture to make a colored filling? I just think it would be cool to bite into the pop and have a bright color staring back at you.

  17. Hi Tiffany definitely, check out here where I have purple inside cake pops, it would be the same thing, just add a small amount of colour at a time until you get what you want while blending.

  18. Hi Linda, where do you buy the lollipop sticks? Sorry if this has been asked! I live in Brisbane also :)

  19. Hi CupKate I have found Ebay to be quite cheap for the Lollipop Sticks. Otherwise most online cake decorating stores (Cakes around Town, Baking Pleasures, Little Betsy Baker) sell them, or you could also try Spotlight although their stock often sells out.

  20. Hello my name is Johana are from Ecuador and I express my admiration of your works are beautiful art.
    I'll be your follower and your student currently study pastry and best teacher I found. Congratulations and much success in 2012

  21. I love it !!! Very beautiful , bravo !!!!! *Séverine*

  22. I made these for my daughters birthday and all went well until time to wrap the pops in fondant. I used the marshmallow fondant recipe, but the fondant strips just wouldn't stay attached to the circumference of the pop. After a frustrating hour or two the fondant was tossed in the bin in disgust, and I attached sugared butterflies to the cake pops to decorate instead!

  23. you not need to cook them?

  24. These are beautiful! And actually I think easier than 'normal' cake pops - no trying to get the chocolate to be perfectly smooth and round, and the fondant will hide a multitude of sins!

    They are definitely going on my list of things to make - thanks for the inspirations!

  25. Hi there, I was wondering how far ahead I can make and store these delicous looking cake pops?
    Your creations are seriously amazing and so inspiring!
    Cheers, Chrissy

  26. hi..nice to meet u..

    I like your lolli cake sweet n cute..

  27. They were delicious and little too adorable to eat.