Friday, August 6, 2010

Once upon a time....... Strawberry white chocolate pot recipe and Forest tea party

Once upon a time there were 4 gorgeous little girls, they were the prettiest and best dressed girls in the land and one day they happened upon a magical tea party in the forest.

There were cupcakes, strawberry mousse cups, rose and violet macarons, pink cake pops, sweets, lollipop cookies and finger sandwiches and a magical far away tree....

This isn't a fairy tale it's real life (well ok maybe the bit about the magical far away tree's not real) but it wasn't an accident these girls happened upon this tea party.

Strawberry Chocolate Pot recipe at bottom after jump

Elizabeth from LaToriana had a wonderful idea for a photo shoot set in the forest and was kind enough to invite my daughters and I along.

Daneve from Ah Tissue helped set the scene with hanging pom poms and Naomi V Photography took the amazing photo's.

and of course I made the food and styled the little tea table.

It was such fun, and so lovely to meet Elizabeth Murphy of LaToriana in person as I have been a fan and customer of her store for a number of years.

You can see from the photo's just how divine the clothes are I fell in love with the new Little Miss J range, LaToriana sources some of the best brands from Australian and New Zealand. See more pics at her Forest Tea Party La Toriana style blog post.

Forrest Tea Party credits.....

All Clothing Available online from LaToriana

Photo's Naomi V Photography

Pom Poms, hanging and sticks by Ah Tissue

Food and Tea Party Table by Bubble and Sweet

Gorgeous Models by the following mums:

Me (Bubble and Sweet)

Ali (Mummahh blog) - not just content producing gorgeous kids Ali has a blog with some great ideas like homemade puffy paint and edible play doh as well as great fashion tips and links.

Terri (Charlie and Mildred) as well as working with me to style my kids dessert tables Terri makes and sells these super cute birdhouses, hair clips and other gorgeous items soon to be available on Etsy.

♥  ♥  ♥

White Chocolate Cream Pots with Strawberry.  Makes 6 to 8 small shot glass size serves.

Here is a recipe for the Strawberry White Chocolate Pots, which are not a real mouse at all. I just decided on the morning of the shoot that I wanted to make them so I needed something super easy:

You will need demitasse coffee spoons to fit into the shot glasses or Tracy Lau had an interesting idea to use Ikea kid spoons on her blog

Melt 200g very finely chopped white chocolate with 100ml cream in the microwave on medium low mixing between bursts carefully until all chocolate is melted. Add a little pink food colouring.

Refrigerate until set.

Whip another 100ml cream to hard peak stage and then very very carefully fold into white chocolate mixture.

Chop some strawberries into small pieces and pop a tiny amount into the bottom of small glasses (shot glasses). Carefully spoon in white chocolate mixture. If you like you can add a small spoon into the glasses prior to adding the chocolate mixture and it will set standing up like in the pics.

Slice strawberry and add a pretty slice to the top. Refrigerate until set.

Serve cold.


  1. it was a Beautiful Day (mother nature)
    With Mouth melting Treats Food (linda)
    Gorgeous Models (the girls)
    Great Clothing (Little miss J)
    a Great Photographer (naomi)
    Great Ahh Tissues (Daneve)
    a great online store (elizabeth)
    and Great company (the Mummies)
    Thanks for including My Blog, i plan on Blogging about this day soon, and your tasty Treats.

  2. What a wonderful treat for everyone! Wish I was young enough to find a magical tea party set up in the forest ;0)

  3. Everything is sooo beautiful and magical!
    I'm drooling over the White Chocolate Cream Pots with Strawberry!

  4. as usual, the set up is divine. I wish I was one of the little girls!!

  5. Thank you for sharing the Recipe for the Strawberry Chocolate pots! Looks easy enough for me!
    Thanks you for your comments! I really appreciate it!!
    I am not sure where you might find mini wicker baskets in Oz (I am an expat Sydneyite) but are you able to get a hold of peat moss cups from nursery or landscape stores? I spray paint mine - punch holes in the sides and use ribbon for the handles and decorate - you could even have the kids decorate their own!!
    Have fun
    Looking forward to seeing all your pics and ideas :)

  6. oh I'm so happy I came across your blog! love these photos and the whole idea!!! I bet the girls had a ball

  7. Gorgeous photos, adorable girls, and beautifully yummy treats! What more could you want? :)

  8. Loved the day... loved the treats (thak you) loved the models, Loved the mummies, and of course the best photographer!

    all came together beautifully and exatly what i was hoping for

    Elizabeth (La Toriana)

  9. How adorable. What little girl wouldn't want to experience a beautiful tea party like this. Very inpiring thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas.

  10. That looks super beautiful ! Lucky little girls :). Thank you you for sharing and great inspiration, maybe next year my girls will have a birthday party inspired by you !