Friday, April 23, 2010

Lollipop cookie pops

I love cookie pops.

Decorated cookies are cute, but put them on a stick and it takes the cuteness to a whole new level.

Look at these lollipop cookies I made.

I used a basic sugar cookie recipe, cut large round shapes, insert the cookie stick (these are available online or from baking specialty stores) bake as per recipe and allow to cool.

To decorate I used Marshmallow Fondant which I colored using gel paste colours (available online or from baking specialty stores). Roll each color into a longish log on a surface lightly dusted with cornflour. Twirl/ entwine the different color logs together and roll into a longer shape until it resembles the pattern you desire. You might need to carefully use a little water to stick the different colors together.

Roll the log up like a snail, gently flattening the log as your go until the fondant shape is the same size as your cookie. Adhere the fondant to the cookie using water or edible glue.

and there you have it, cookie lollipops. We used these ones for a photo shoot (photo by Terri Vandermeer photography)- way less sticky than regular lollipops and the kids loved them.

Cuteness all around.

Update - a couple of people have asked where the girls pretty skirts come from - so here is a link to Princess Ratbag maker of beautiful Pettiskirts.


  1. Oh be still my beating heart! I must make these! Thankyou so much for the idea, they look wonderful! :D

  2. I found this from your flickr stream... absolutely inspiring!!!


  3. Found these on NQN's site. Just popping by to let you know how much I love 'em

  4. Gosh... these are really really cute!

  5. so glad i came across this post!!! love it! i linked to you here: